Grab Your Insurance Agents survival guide to today’s complex online marketing world.

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Grow Your Agency Socially.

Paradiso Presents was created to educate and empower other independent insurance agents, teaching them to embrace social media and digital marketing activities to stimulate agency growth.

Chris is an agency owner first, and a marketer second.

The Story of Paradiso Presents

As my social media journey took off, I became passionate about sharing my newfound secret with other agents. I believe the more agents that embrace social media, the more our industry will flourish. As agents and brands, we need to embrace change and newer ways of doing business, or our options will diminish quickly.

Since I am an agency owner, I speak directly to the challenges and successes our agency has undergone. The road to social media success is about understanding your brand and telling the world why someone should purchase insurance from you. Social media channels are the place to connect and communicate with customers and prospects in a way that never previously existed.

I want to show your agency how to make these channels work for you.

I encourage you to check back on our site regularly for E-books and future events. Paradiso Presents provides routine seminars for agents, as well as carrier sponsored events, which educate agents on modern marketing tactics. There is more than connecting with us socially; I encourage you to get active on social media channels. Do not be fearful of the unknown and most importantly, don’t just try social media – do it!

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