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maketing Chris’s recent article Growing Your Marketing Savvy In The Digital Age was featured in Rough Notes. It features 5 steps you can use to grow your agency using social media.

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Beware of the Shiny Object Syndrome

As a industry we find ourselves in what I think is a unique situation, by and large our industry is filled with an older demographic either physically, or mentally, and what I mean by that is we have been slow to embrace new marketing trends as the are...

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Tarmika – Get Profitable In Small Commercial

About the company: Our diverse team at Tarmika, brings together the ideal combination of entrepreneurial, insurance agency and technology experience. Led by this strong team of industry leaders, we are committed to providing the most innovative solutions to insurance...

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Social Media is a Puzzle

  We all must admit that our customers and our prospects are on social media. So my question to you is this: is it a good place to meet and communicate with prospects and/or clients? Let me give you five basic guidelines in helping you answer that question, and...

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Data is our Agency’s Future

Data is extremely important to your Agency. Why? It’s simple; you can't improve what you and your agency aren’t measuring. Measurement is key! I can assure you that it doesn’t matter how big or small your agency is. You and your agency has data within your management...

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What Should an Insurance Website Cost?

By: Kelly Donahue-Piro President Agency Performance Partners Co-Founder Agency Appeal When you are working on the brand and the online presence for your agency, figuring out what a good insurance website should cost can often be confusing. There is a wide range of...

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Why Owning your own Website is so Important

By: Kelly Donahue-Piro President: Agency Performance Partners Co-Founder: Agency Appeal   There are some very simple and low cost ways to put up a website.  Before determining what website company may be right for you there are a few questions that you can ask....

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The Hands Free Digital World

Consumers and prospects continue to be switching towards a hands-free digital world… yes, hands free. The world has gone digital and hands free. Almost all (if not all) mobile devices are being released with the latest and greatest AI (artificial intelligence)...

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