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maketing Chris’s recent article Growing Your Marketing Savvy In The Digital Age was featured in Rough Notes. It features 5 steps you can use to grow your agency using social media.
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Paradiso Presents collects a variety of helpful resources for your agency to get started in regards to utilizing social media properly and effectively. We write a daily blog, in addition to highlighting other industry thought-leaders. This is your one-stop location for high-quality vetted insurance social media knowledge. And be sure to watch for our quarterly E-books as well!


Embracing Technology as an Insurance Agent

At the recent IAOA (Independent Agent Owners Association) meeting in Phoenix, agency owners gathered to hear tips from other agents on how to grow their business.  Once the business is bound, servicing it to meet the client’s expectations becomes the next priority.  A...

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Webinar: Hashtagging, Keywords, and Backlinks

Hello everyone! We recently hosted a webinar with Joe Estey from Paradiso Presents that focuses hashtags, keywords, and using backlinks in your digital marketing campaigns. If you missed the live segment, not to worry, because we have the recording available for...

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Webinar: Video SEO and Visual Content Marketing

Hello everyone! We recently hosted a webinar with Joe Estey from Paradiso Presents that focuses on video/visual content creation, uploading videos for the most visibility/SEO, and our visual content marketing strategy. If you missed the live segment, not to worry,...

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The Rise of Chatbots

Chatbots have been around for a while now, whether you’ve heard of them or not. What are chatbots exactly though? If we look at Google’s exact definition, it states that chatbots are “A computer or program designed to simulate conversation with human users, especially...

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Using GIFs To Enhance Your Marketing

The internet has become such a digital surplus of content that marketers are scrambling to competing against each other for valuable space on social networks. Moreover, while many marketing plans already incorporate visual content to pursue users, I encourage you to...

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Utilizing Email for B2B Marketing

Long gone are the days of relying only on  cold calling to secure new business. Today’s strategy must focus on inbound marketing where prospects are drawn to you. A great tool to have in your marketing belt is email, and while many may argue email is ineffective when...

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Our Recent Endeavors at Paradiso Presents

Hello everyone! We wanted to start off this week by apologizing for not pushing out an article last week, as we've been very busy recently here at Paradiso Presents. In fact, we are very excited to tell you what we've had our hands on lately, because we've got some...

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Insurance Marketing via Instagram

When we think about getting our insurance agencies more visibility online, social media isn’t always the first thing that agents think about. Generally speaking, people go on social media to connect with others, or look for content that they enjoy. In essence, social...

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