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maketing Chris’s recent article Growing Your Marketing Savvy In The Digital Age was featured in Rough Notes. It features 5 steps you can use to grow your agency using social media.
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Paradiso Presents collects a variety of helpful resources for your agency to get started in regards to utilizing social media properly and effectively. We write a daily blog, in addition to highlighting other industry thought-leaders. This is your one-stop location for high-quality vetted insurance social media knowledge. And be sure to watch for our quarterly E-books as well!


Using GIFs To Enhance Your Marketing

The internet has become such a digital surplus of content that marketers are scrambling to competing against each other for valuable space on social networks. Moreover, while many marketing plans already incorporate visual content to pursue users, I encourage you to...

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Utilizing Email for B2B Marketing

Long gone are the days of relying only on  cold calling to secure new business. Today’s strategy must focus on inbound marketing where prospects are drawn to you. A great tool to have in your marketing belt is email, and while many may argue email is ineffective when...

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Our Recent Endeavors at Paradiso Presents

Hello everyone! We wanted to start off this week by apologizing for not pushing out an article last week, as we've been very busy recently here at Paradiso Presents. In fact, we are very excited to tell you what we've had our hands on lately, because we've got some...

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Insurance Marketing via Instagram

When we think about getting our insurance agencies more visibility online, social media isn’t always the first thing that agents think about. Generally speaking, people go on social media to connect with others, or look for content that they enjoy. In essence, social...

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How Meta Descriptions Can Boost Your Website Traffic

If you’re looking to boost your agency’s traffic and leads, search engine marketing is essential. Consumers are turning to search engines to guide their insurance shopping process. According to the J.D. Power 2016 U.S. Insurance Shopping Study, 74 percent of consumers...

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Measuring Emotion in the Customer Experience

Does your insurance agency take the time to measure how effective your overall customer experience is? In a business of renewals, it is absolutely critical that we develop long-term, loyal clients over time. We focus less on providing “good service,” and more on...

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Email Signatures for the Independent Agent

From a Facebook boosted post to sending out the details of a policy by email, every interaction that your insurance agency has with your customers is an opportunity to bring value to them. Consider Apple’s brand, value, and identity for a moment - they are one of the...

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3 Ways to Enhance Your Personal Brand on LinkedIn

LinkedIn, like any type of social network can seem fairly intuitive once you’ve completed your profile and begin interacting with other users. However, even if you have all of your entry fields filled out in great detail, it may not be enough to convey your personal...

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