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About the company:

Our diverse team at Tarmika, brings together the ideal combination of entrepreneurial, insurance agency and technology experience. Led by this strong team of industry leaders, we are committed to providing the most innovative solutions to insurance agencies, carriers and customers that deliver value to the market while pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with technology and rapid implementations.

Benefits of Tarmika:

  • Our software engineers have developed coding and API integration that is progressive and cutting edge in an ever-changing space.
  • Our technical team works hand and hand with the Company’s IT department to ensure a smooth process of delivery and testing.
  • Insurance Carriers will see an immediate impact with quotes to their platform. With increased visibility and exposure to classes of business that are a focal point but have not been getting the visibility it wants.
  • Quotes from the Tarmika platform are saved in the carrier quote page for easy access to continue the bind process.
  • Tarmika is designed to create an additional distribution channel for Independent Agent Carriers.
  • Creates the ability for Independent Agent Carriers to participate in the insurtech space without having to create new processes or spend over allocated funds that have been budgeted.
  • Tarmika provides monthly reporting and analytics for the carrier’s review. Specific to competitiveness in certain classes of business to overall quote volume for specific agents. 
  • Having our data analytics available for field Business Development Representatives, provides sales related action items during their sales calls.

Unique Features of Tarmika:

  • Tarmika is solely dedicated to the Independent Insurance Agency Channel. That is why we are looking to partner with National and Regional Independent Agent Carriers.
  • Tarmika’s platform is designed to be easy to use and does not contain a lot of “Noise” during the quote process. It is focused on “Ease of doing business” quickly and efficiently.
  • Usernames and passwords for your carriers are stored so you can quickly and easily “Bridge” into the carrier portal to confirm and finalize your quote.
  • Tarmika is a subscription based platform. Unlike our competition, you keep your commissions! Your name is on the declarations page, and you are only quoting and writing business with your appointed carriers.
  • Carrier specific quote proposals – Our quote proposals are not generic in any way. We have integrated with each individual carrier to pull back their PDF proposal.

Why Agents and Why commercial lines?

We started Tarmika in 2018 with a single goal in mind, help insurance agencies become more efficient. Over the last 18 months, that goal has expanded into helping agencies be more efficient in order to compete against the countless direct to consumer carriers and insuretechs coming into the market. Insurance agencies are the liaison between A rated carriers and business owners, but above all else they understand coverage. If a consumer decides to go direct to consumer, how do they know they have proper coverage? 

Business insurance is intricate, with hundreds of different coverages that can be the difference between a paid and unpaid claim, between a small business staying in business and going out of business. Agents help consumers take care of their business and provide service that the internet cannot. There is only one problem, agents need access to technology that makes them more efficient. 

Tarmika provides agents with access to a commercial lines bridge between insurance carriers and agencies. With a single data entry, Tarmika can provide agencies with multiple commercial lines quotes in the matter of seconds. Our industry is at a crossroads, there isn’t enough talent for agencies to manage their growth and incoming technology is attempting to force agencies out. Between retiring employees and a shortage of millennial interest, we saw a need for a solution. 

CSR’s are spread too thin, too much work and not enough time. With our solution a CSR saves hours a day on quoting, renewals and referrals. The end result is agencies spending time on what really matters, writing more business and serving their clients.