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What Is Rocket Referrals?


For those of you who may not know, Rocket Referrals is a client communication tool that will change the way you do business with your clients. It will help you understand what makes your clients loyal and what areas you may need to work on within your agency. It will also help you identify clients that are likely to leave your agency, giving you the opportunity to reach out and rectify the account. Through a series of surveys, Rocket Referrals will provide you with the data you need to both grow your agency and increase your overall client satisfaction rate. This tool will also help you grow your client testimonials and even links directly to your website, so publishing these testimonials directly to your site takes less than a second! To learn more, check out their product feature page here.


How It Has Helped Paradiso Insurance


At Paradiso Insurance, we rely on Rocket Referrals and utilize this tool on a daily basis. Our marketing team logs in everyday to publish testimonials to our website, monitor reviews, and send handwritten thank you cards to every customer that gives us a 9 or 10 survey response. Through the years, we have collected over 2,000 surveys from our clients, 621 testimonials and 174 Google and Facebook reviews. Without Rocket Referrals, we would never be able to have reached these numbers or have a 4.9 star rating on both Google and Facebook.


Giving Back and How You Can Help


Currently, if you request a demo on their website and mention Paradiso Presents, Rocket Referrals will donate $100 to Journey Found. Journey Found is a local non-profit charity that is very near and dear to our hearts. They provide behavioral and residential support services to individuals of Connecticut with pervasive developmental disorders and intellectual disabilities. As many of you know, Chris Paradiso’s father, Joseph Paradiso, played an instrumental role in the creation of Journey Found and Chris’s sister, Rachel Paradiso, utilizes their services every day. Without organizations such as Journey Found, these individuals would not have the proper care and environment that they need to grow and prosper.

If you are interested in learning more and want to give back to Journey Found, we encourage you to reach out and request a no obligation demo of Rocket Referrals – just be sure to mention Paradiso Presents! Every little bit helps, and for non-profits such as Journey Found, your support is what keeps their doors open.