Be The Last Agent Standing

Volume 5

Your guide to insurance success in a complex digital world. 

Establish your agency’s brand identity with unique marketing insights.

Position your agency for success by embracing key marketing insights and innovative trends that are driving the insurance industry. 

Be the Last Agent Standing keeps you informed of the latest trends in the market with in-depth analysis, features, interviews, and content from leading industry experts. The 2020 issue covers everything you need to know to thrive in an industry that’s moving faster than ever. 

Learn how to adapt in an ever-changing evolving digital landscape.

Learn how to generate more value from your agency marketing efforts with actionable tips that will increase your marketing ROI. 

Be the Last Agent Standing gives you the strategies you need to establish your presence where it counts—whether that’s through traditional or digital marketing. 

Unlock new opportunities and find out how you can start your next digital transformation, see what’s working for other industry experts, and more with a publication dedicated to providing sharp insights and strategies that work.

What can you expect to find inside the 2020 issue?

Unique Industry Insights 

Understand how the latest technological advances create opportunities for your agency’s growth. Learn how to master digital modes of interaction, attract new clients, and retain the best talent. 

Guidance From the Experts 

Chart your digital path by listening to what industry leaders have to say. Hear from insurance experts in digital transformation, risk management, global growth, and other key areas. 

Focus On Customer Experience 

Learn new ways to improve customer satisfaction, personalize interactions, and display greater transparency. Outperform competitors by finding out how to adopt a truly customer-centric viewpoint. 

Powerful Marketing Strategies 

Learn how to reach the right customers at the right time. Understand how to position your agency to connect with customers for the years to come rather than catching up on yesterday’s needs. 

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Meet the creator of

be the last agent standing

Chris Paradiso | Owner of Paradiso Insurance

Chris founded Paradiso Insurance in 2006, which has since grown five times its size. His successes have been publicly recognized in a number of leading publications within the insurance industry, including The Insurance Journal and Rough Notes magazine. 

Today, Chris is at the forefront of Paradiso Presents, routinely leading speaking engagements across the country. Paradiso Presents guides small- and medium-sized agencies on how to navigate the intersection between insurance and technology, take full advantage of digital marketing, and stimulate growth.

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