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BriteBee helps insurance agencies and carriers increase their digital exposure online and in search.

We offer agencies of all sizes the ability to increase their brand visibility and find more customers through search. Claiming your agency’s BriteBee listing page gives you the ability to manage your digital brand and be connected to the millions of customers searching for local insurance providers every day.

Better is ALWAYS Better

By helping the best agents rank for the right search terms, we give online shoppers better results to choose from, at the start of their search, helping them avoid “more” problems upfront and find a faster path to a better solution. Once they land on the BriteBee site, we then use better connection tools to get each visitor quickly pointed to agencies and agents better equipped to meet their needs. 

That means as agents, we are better able to focus our efforts on great fits for our expertise and product lines and, ultimately, better meet their needs while utilizing fewer resources.

Start owning  your digital presence today.