Contact Person: Charlie Griffin

Phone: 770-717-1777



Bridge, every method of communication possible right on your desktop. People always compare something incredible to being “better than sliced bread”. A communication system that has all of this in one place AND exports to your management system has to be better than sliced bread right? Check out what Bridge does:

  • ┬áLive chat on your website
  • Collect custom form information from your site
  • Contact management system
  • Collect and manage leads
  • Power dialer for all your calling needs
  • Built in To Do activity scheduler
  • Texting from your real phone numbers
  • Video and webinars
  • Automated marketing campaigns for voice, text, and email
  • Video proposals
  • eSignature system
  • Secure, encrypted file sharing
  • Policy renewal and review campaigns
  • Integrated quote sheets and forms
  • Automatic activity tracking
  • Once click customer creation to your agency management system
  • Oh and it is also a complete, enterprise grade VoIP phone system That beats sliced bread any day in my book.

If you haven’t seen Bridge, you truly have no idea what you are missing because it is the most feature packed communication platform ever designed. And it is designed to be easy, quick, and simple to use. Schedule a demo from our website today or just pick up the phone and call. We’ll answer and have a nice chat and show you what over 10,000 other agents are loving every day.