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Here’s a staggering fact: Google earns billions of dollars every single year indexing and helping people find the information and content that they are looking for. The key word in that last sentence wasn’t ‘billions’ though, it was CONTENT. Content is king in the internet world, and there is no place that makes your agency’s content more accessible and marketable than Google. That’s why your marketing needs to be driven by content! Agencies need to create contagious content that will allow your agency to have an effective strategy. Follow these ten steps to a winning social media attack.

Initially, you need to look at is defining your agency’s target audience. You first need to look at whether you’re attracting more males or females, as well as what ages these potential customers are.  Once that information is known, you can ask some questions to get a better understanding of who they are; that way you have a better opportunity to locate them on social media and build your relationship organically. If your agency is looking to create content for a B2B market, you may want to consider three core topics. Number one- try to solve their problems, number two- educate and inform them, number three- keep them updated. If you can create content and keep those three core topics in front of your prospects, you will succeed in the social media arena.

pic 3Once your audience is established, you need to hit each social media site in a specific way. It is key to identify where your prospects are located in the social world in order to ensure that you’re publishing your content where your customers/prospects are hanging out. The five areas that you could start with are Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Google+. But if there is only one to hit, then it has to be Facebook. It’s been around for several years now and it’s proven to have the largest social media audience of all sites.

Your third step should be establishing a media preference. To reach the widest audience possible, agencies need to publish the same core content on a variety of media formats like videos, photos, podcasts, and e-books.

Fourth- your agency must find creative ideas for your content. Writers block is a real thing, and will happen to all of us as we continuously look for new content and fresh ideas. Some ideas that will help keep the creativity flowing include:  writing about customers, interesting segments within the industry, utilizing subscription services to keep you informed, creating videos, and researching case studies.

Fifth- It’s time to finally create the content! When we think about creating content we need to think about adding value. Let’s not forget that creating quality content will take time and effort, and this is why I recommend every agency hire a social media engineer. Another great tool for creating content is looking at a product that is produced by Rough Notes, called Producer Online.

Six- Remember to optimize your content. Some core elements of helping your agency optimize its content include: the structure of the content (like breaking it into segments), having the right social media plug ins that direct back to your agency’s respective sites, creating catchy titles, utilizing key words, and having an SEO specialist review your content on a monthly basis.

Seven- go MOBILE. We live in a mobile world whether you like it or not. Customers and prospects are not reading our content on laptops or personal computers anymore; the large majority of people are using mobile devices like smart phones and tablets, so if you’re not mobile, then you’re not reaching all of your potential customers- plain and simple.
Step eight- Monitor your work!
Nine- Always measure your work and results. Several great tools you can use to measure and monitor your social media is a free tool called Google analytics. And if you want something else to track your success, I’d recommend a tool (you have to pay for this one though) called Meltwater Buzz that provides you in-depth statistics on your content’s performance in its vitality.

And finally, the last step! Step 10: repeat what has worked for you in your agency!

These ten steps have certainly helped with my agency’s social media strategy and overall success, so I am confident that they will help with your agency’s strategy as well! Remember- content, content, CONTENT!