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The attitude of an agency is usually created from the second you answer the phone. Also known as your agency’s ‘vibe,’ this needs to have a genuine positive feel to it.  In order to accomplish a ‘yes’ vibe within your agency requires three distinct steps.

1— The first step starts when you first walk into your agency. What feeling do people get when they walk into your agency, and how are they greeted? When I talk about your agency’s vibe, my personal feeling is that it needs to have a positive feeling that coincides with your agency’s identity. The second part of this step relates to how your director of first impressions greets your walk-in prospects or clients. Make sure your agency has the right image and the right vibe because without these two things, the walk will simply turn into a walk out.

2— The second area is the way you answer your phones. It is so important to have an upbeat feeling and positive vibe because it allows prospects and clients to feel comfortable on the phone with your agency. I constantly remind my staff that when they answer the phones, they can make a difference in that person’s day through just the tone of their voice on the phone. Many agencies don’t take the time to listen to how their staff answers the phone.  Every agency needs to practice how they should be answering the phone. Remember, it’s much harder to make a great first impression over the phone than it is in person.

3– The third area is your online image. Your online image needs to have a positive feel, just as your posts on social avenues need to have a positive feel. It’s important to stay away from things like ‘thank God it’s Friday’ because that’s not the positive vibe you should be sending out online. Keep your posts and your image positive online, and don’t go down the negative road. Remember, you can create any image you want online, so make sure you review your social media strategy to ensure that the image you want to portray is being portrayed correctly. Stay positive, it goes a long way.

This is a quick video from Jeffery Gitmore that talks about the yes attitude that you should incorporate into your agency.