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“Everyone is online” is becoming a more redundant phrase in our culture.  They hype is nothing to shrug at, however.  The bottome line is there are consumers waiting for just one impression from your agency to make you their change they’ve been searching for.  People are turning to social media like consumers used to turn to consumer reports.  While existing information shopping habits still exist,  social media is quite possibly the most significant impression-type marketing a potential customer can receive, so where are you?


Here are three of many reason why your Agency’s brand needs a social existence.

 1.    Your fans are waiting to support you


It might not be a random update someone writes to recommend you to their friends; it’s when one is upset with a product or service that your connections will go to bat for you.  Depending on who is giving the friendly advice to check out your agency, the more likely they are to give YOUR agency a chance.  Your clients are on some form of social media and will go to bat for you when needed.  People are more passionate and loyal to brands and companies than we give them credit for.  The price for free recommendations?  Nothing more than you have already invested into your agency.

 2.    Customer servicing time= Cut down and become more efficient


People who utilize social media are desperate to find faith in the companies they align themselves with.  When a company is transparent and responsive through these sights, it offers the agency culture online- making it extremely easy for the client and agency to build a longer, more trusting relationship.

With social media, clients understand that it is just one more way to communicate to those they love and appreciate.  If you are as serious and responsive online as you are when someone walks in your agency, you will see that more will use this avenue to communicate.  What does that mean?  Loyalty and savings on servicing time.  WIN WIN.

 3.    Brand purification. 

IF your clients are not satisfied with your products and services (which happens) they will also feel the need to tell everyone they are close to.  It’s that love/hate relationship.  How does social media come into play?  It means you are in the playing field with those who are closest to you…those who may or may not be your biggest advocate.  As impressionable as our society is, that truly has its pros and cons; cons being, your consumers will take their anger viral.

You want to be able to protect and manage your brand and identity with the good AND the bad.  By acknowledging the concerns and disagreements publicly with professionalism, you will find that in the long run, you are helping preserve the brand and again, allowing the transparency that potential consumers are begging for.

Insurance agencies need to be aware of the conversations and impressions clients are finding on the web.  It has surely been an eyebrow raiser for some who haven’t embraced the Internet, as it continues to be the road of communication the majority of the country is choosing.  It isn’t about taking it on all at once; its baby steps towards a more informed and aware insurance agency looking to connect with a very connected and impressionable audience.