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Good reviews have always been crucial for your agency, not only for your online image but also for SEO (search engine optimization).  But now in the digital age, they are more important than ever. When prospects, clients, and customers search for independent insurance agents, they’re likely to scan the results of that search and find the reviews that people have written about you and your agency. If they see anything negative (at least usually limited to the first or second page, not usually beyond that), then BOOM, they’re probably going to keep on moving because of what your clients have said. This makes it crucial to have lots of good reviews filled with insurance rich words to push down any possible negativity.

Good reviews serve another purpose too, good SEO (search engine optimization). When your agency’s name is linked with industry keywords as well as praise on multiple websites (as many powerful sites as possible), you agency is more likely to pop up in a search. This means that your agency needs to start a campaign to garner a bunch of great reviews. It is well worth it for independent insurance agents and their ROI, so to help you get going here are five easy, cost-effective tips to guide your clients through the review process. 

  1. Profiles needs to be set up

Every insurance agency needs online profiles before they can earn reviews. Set up a solid profile, one that is complete and includes a picture. Start with your agency’s name, address and contact information on sites like Angie’s List, Yahoo Local, Yelp, and Google+.  Never leave out any website that is owned by Google because they are the ones who make the rules. Make sure to include your agency’s services in each listing and your agency’s hours of operation. Be specific in the type of services your agency offers, so that the prospect or client that is searching can get as much information as possible.  You can even get into specifics, like listing some of your top carriers. You need to have a well thought out strategy of how your agency is portrayed through its profile.

  1. Ask for the Review

If you don’t ask for it you’ll never get it! Many customers simply do not know how much reviews mean to your agency and your online reputation. But most times if you ask them, they will happily provide you with one. Try telling them “Good reviews mean everything to me, so I’d love if you would leave one on Google + for us!” If you are shy, leave a small plaque on your desk with information to the same effect or have an email go out to each and every new client asking them to write a review for you. Make sure that you have a link directly to the profile in the body of the email! Staying connected to customers is key to generating reviews. Take a look at our agency reviews that are attached to our agency website as well as our agency Google reviews. I hope you find these examples helpful.

  1. Have Instructions Handy For Your Clients

Especially among the older crowd (paper instructions), the process of leaving an online reviews can be less than intuitive. Offer an agency brochure explaining how to complete the online review process, which sites you have profiles on etc. This way, if they are confused on how to give you a review, they have helpful hints right there in front of them. 

  1. Use Links

Make it easy for customers to find you at any time, even when they’re not fresh from a trip to your office. Links are a great way to do this.  Put them in an email about home insurance, on your agency website (example above), on product pages and in the social media world. Try linking them to several different platforms or just focusing on one platform at a time. Switching up the links every few months is a good strategy.

See? Now that wasn’t so hard, right? When you have happy clients, your prospects need to know. If leaving reviews is cumbersome, difficult or overly time-consuming, they probably won’t do it so make it as easy as possible. If you follow these tips, your online review process will become much easier and your customers will be more likely to step up to the plate and provide you with a review. This can help your insurance agency’s SEO and online reputation, which will provide a fantastic long-term benefit for you and your business.

Online reviews work and they are very helpful but the key is to be consistent and make the process as easy as possible!