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 The last week of the year always seems to bring reflection and aspirations for the future in both personal and work portions of everyone’s life.  Paradiso Presents has had a great first year as a marketing company giving everything it can to the Independent Insurance Agency and their continuing battles with the direct writers.  Some agencies have adopted and embraced the marketing ideas and formulas for a successful future; others have still had a hard time figuring out how to place all the pieces together.

2013 however, is a new year.  Here are five tips from our staff to yours for an exciting and prosperous new year.

  1. Think BIGger.

    Although we would LOVE for every agency to embrace the, “Think BIG or go HOME” mentality, we understand that technology, social media, digital and Internet marketing can be as easy to adopt as a new language.  All we ask is that you aspire to accommodate MORE of this type of marketing into your business plan. 
  2. Stay Educated

    The great thing about the Internet is there are so many avenues and tools along with professionals willing to give FREE information regarding your topic of interest. Take advantage of it and consider the advice given.

    For the insurance world, we suggest the following for some great content and information:

    John Fear– John Fear has worked in the insurance industry for over twenty years in the areas of Life & Annuity, Small Commercial, Boiler & Machinery, Field Operations, Process Engineering and Personal Insurance. In 2007, John left the corporate life to start his own consulting firm – Premier Business Consulting.
    Kate Pisciotta-Kate is known a social media engineer who started initially in the automotive industry and has since moved into the insurance arena.As the marketing director for Paradiso Insurance, Kate has offered her marketing services to commercial clients ranging from wholesale jewelry, pest control, contractors, car dealerships, etc. After several years, she decided to start her own website and help offer her services, advise and help to small businesses looking for change in growth in the coming years. Diverse services including: Website Design Social Media Blogging Social Marketing Brand & Identity Marketing analysis Management of companies marketing plan & strategy
    Ryan was created in March of 2009 as a vehicle to discuss concepts that would help insurance consumers make better buying decisions. The site has evolved over time to not only include discussions for insurance consumers but also the social media and sales processes crucial to the success of insurance professionals in the digital age.
  3. Don’t Give Up

    We will say this a million  times and one million more after this.  Social Media and Internet Marketing will often times show no signs of instant gratification, so change your thought process.  Someone you make an impression on today, may not act on that impression for 3-12 months after.  Be prepared however for when they are in need of your service.  If you left the right impression, they will seek you out for your service.  This marketing plan is not for those looking for a quick fix.  You are creating a lasting partnership with your online presence. 

  4. BE The Change You Want To See…In YOUR Agency.

    If you are serious about embracing change and utilizing the Internet to the BENEFIT of your agency in the time to come, YOU as a leader need to set that stage for your employees and team.  Everyone needs to be on the same page and understand that this new direction is to benefit EVERYONE.

  5. Keep It Simple

    You will run across jargon that doesn’t make the slightest sense, or you will be thrown formulas and ideas with the same sense of confusion.  KEEP IT SIMPLE.  Remember, social media sites are just the AVENUES to market.  Your voice, your message and your brand & Identity are what YOU decide.  Social media is the highway and you are the vehicle using the roads.

    Our next seminar is January 30th and is filling up fast! Email Kate at for details and registration.