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Below are seven books that I would highly recommend you to read if you’re a business owner. The last two on this list are my favorites.

crisisBook number 1:   “Out of the Crisis” by W. Edwards Deming

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This book is for business owners with Big or Small companies, and it focuses the entrepreneur/manager on respecting employees, focusing on process and procedures, and insisting on the collection and analysis of data. Tracking is everything! The development of metrics to manage the business is critical and without it you will fail.

fountainheadBook number 2:  “Fountain Head” by Ayn Rand

This book sums up the entrepreneurial passion and spirit that your business must have in order to succeed. This is a great read, and I highly recommend you take the time and invest the money in this book.


reality checkBook number 3: “Reality Check” by Guy Kawasaki

This book is written in the same way as many blog posts on the Internet. What is great about that is that it’s different and you get a learning experience on every page. I hope you enjoy this book and feel it is a benefit to you and your business.


peakBook number 4: “Peak” by Chip Conley

This book talks about achieving sustainable outperformance and leverage in crisis. It also talks about how great companies get their mojo. Before reading this book, many critics said that was poorly written but I can tell you there is a great message and very sound advice within this book. It may not be the best written book but it packs a powerful punch within its message.

against all odsBook number 5: “Against All Odds” by James Dyson

I personally feel that this book will help you become a better entrepreneur. It talks about invention within the business world and also the importance of design. There is a message within this book that can help you  better your business mind

candorBook number 6: “Transparency: How Leaders Create Culture of Candor” By W Bennis-D Goleman-J O’Toole

I really enjoyed this book because I love to read about and understand transparency into why we are doing what we are doing. In many cases, this book helps you understand your personal brand and your business brand. It dives deep into how leaders create a culture and that allows others to grow. Of the seven books I recommended here I would say I would pick this book first to read.


futureBook number 7: “The Future Arrived Yesterday” by M.S Malone


I love this book because it really dives into how the ever-changing business world is going to continue to change over the next 10 years and how companies will be successful. He dives deep into a new model of entrepreneurs and how to expect and relate and react to the different growth stages needed to succeed in the future. This book really reminds me of the importance of how we need to separate our companies and allow us to be different than our competition.

I hope you enjoy the seven books as much as I have. I think they all bring a different level of thought process to your business. I personally feel your business mind will continue to improve with these books because they challenge you, your business models, and your thought processes.

Happy reading!