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Traditional media such as, newsprint, television, and radio once dominated the advertising space. However, between consumers’ needs changing and greater accessibility to the digital world, it’s no wonder that, if you haven’t updated your insurance agency’s marketing strategy, you may be struggling to capture the attention of current consumers.

In fact, many consumers have a negative view on corporate culture because it’s been maintained by the same message for years. Thankfully, digital media gives you the power to break traditional barriers that have plagued insurance agencies for some time.

Consumers today want sincerity and transparency. Not to mention, they use social media to be social. They want to interact and engage with other users with similar interests to their own. They also want to feel emotion while being entertained.

That’s why putting a face on your brand is so important. People are more comfortable interacting with a brand that has human qualities to it, and it makes sense. With the abundance of bots and spam on social media, users will gravitate towards content with a “face.”

Additionally, our insurance agency sees a lot more engagement with organic content that was taken behind the scenes so to speak. Consumers want to see what fuels your brand and it’s your responsibility to show them.


Our Agents Are the Stars

Our audience loves to see the wonderful staff that works behind our phones and computers, especially if they’ve been here before. Whether it be a candid shot or special event at the office, users really like to learn more about the lives of our agents.

Another way that our staff brings a personal touch to our brand is through our agent interview blogs. Our marketing team sits down with each agent for a few minutes and asks them questions about their hobbies, family life, and background. It’s a great way for our clients to connect with their agent on a deeper level. Our most recent agent interview can be found here.

We’ve also implemented weekly Facebook Check-Ins through our agents as a way to bring another personal side to our brand. Agents tell our marketing team their favorite quotes and receive a branded visual they can post to their personal Facebook. Once they upload the visual they just have to check-in to Paradiso Insurance at any time during the day. We’ve seen engagement with posts reaching 5 to 20 likes on average. This may not be an overwhelming amount, but our insurance agency’s brand is shown in a different light.


Chris, the Family Man

There’s more to you than what you do at work. You probably have a family, hobbies, and interests outside of the agency. Your audience wants to see this, especially if it relates to your brand and their interests.

For example, our audience loves to see Chris’s family life. Content that has his kids, parents, or Max (our office dog) tends to perform the best on all of our social networks.

In fact, an image from our Flag Day event that had Chris and his sister, Rachel, in it received over 250 likes in one day on Instagram. The content was not promoted or sponsored either, but users really love to see the family side of Paradiso Insurance.

You don’t have to share every bit of your personal life on your agency’s networks, you still want to be professional, but sharing a positive message about a big part of your personal life won’t hurt your brand.


Thanking the Community

Another way to add a face to your brand is by creating a sense of community with your audience. Sure, you can create content that shows your office space, but if you don’t understand the people around you, you’re missing the most important part, connection.

Remember that picture of Chris and his sister that was previously mentioned? It was an old picture at our Flag Day Barbecue and celebration. Flag Day is an annual event we hold to give back to our service members and citizens of Stafford Springs, free of charge.

Giving back not only feels great, but it makes your brand look great. Your audience will start to correlate good deeds with your agency and will be delighted to see it in their social feeds.

In recent months our agency helped to sponsor a town Easter Egg Hunt. Many of our staff took time out of their weekends to stuff thousands of plastic eggs with the local fire department and to help make the event function.

Our insurance agency also works with the local elementary school to hold our Bikes for Reading Program.

This year our social media networks flooded with positive pictures of our team, the winners, and many happy families. This content shows that our brand is community based, which makes people more comfortable to interact with us.

So, if you’re looking for a new marketing strategy, why not add a personal twist to your content? People want the human aspect more than ever.