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Have you recently read about your business’s vision and the power of creating this vision? Recently there’s been a substantial amount of articles and blogs written about having a vision for your business. This isn’t simply hype, it’s a very important aspect of your business and I believe that if you want to grow your business, you need to create a vision and embrace it wholeheartedly, along with teaching your insurance agents and the staff about it as well.

What is a vision, you may ask? Well, a vision is simply a picture of what success will be in the future or at a particular time. One thing your vision must accomplish is answer the following questions:

“What and how do you want your agency to look like? What size do you want your agency to be in the future? What do you want your agency to be known for? Why does anyone care about what we as an agency do? How do the people within your agency feel about the agency and about their jobs? How does the owner of the agency feel about the business? What is my role in it?”

If you have the ability to answer all of these questions and bring your message to fruition in process, then you will be able to create a clear and articulate vision for your agency. This will most certainly change though with the fluctuation of the market.
A strong and realistic vision should be inspiring and provide excitement for the employees to arrive at work every single day.  But don’t forget that the vision needs to be strategically sound and most importantly attainable, otherwise it will not work.
In order to create the perfect vision for your agency, you must first create an outline and time frame for your vision. Secondly, you must compile a list of accomplishments and proud moments that you and your agency wish to achieve, and when that’s taken care of, step three would be to draft your first version of the vision. Once that’s complete, you then must review the draft and make any corrections that you may see fit (don’t forget that your vision must be attainable). Fifth, solicit input from others in the insurance industry, and once that’s complete, share your updated and completed vision with your agency.

            A great way to learn more about building your company’s vision is to check out an article in theHarvard Business Review written by James C. Collins and Jerry I Porras which will certainly help explain to you the power of creating your company’s vision.