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We LOVE Facebook.  So does the world.  And while many people won’t admit it, will find another site to try to embrace, you know at the end of the day or even during, you are clicking that awesome F App to see whats happening.

For our agency, it has been a lifeline to clients who prefer to talk via Facebook than phone or even email.  Its been the best for advocating our agency to our online community.  However, Facebook…you have FAILED us.

For a social media site to be so awesome yet have the worst search tool available has been one reason why none has competed with Yelp or any other site available for customer review. Now, with the slow unveil of Facebook Graph Search, this might be the competition that review sites dreaded.

Here are some things we need to keep in mind:

Facebook Graph Search– sign up on the waiting list now.  Especially marketers.  Before it completely unveils, understanding the whole idea is the best idea.

Categories-  Facebook offers categories for you to place your business under.  Make sure that you take advantage of the category(s) option as well as making sure it is properly categorized.

About section- FACEBOOK PAGES ARE INDEXED IN GOOGLE.  Fill your about section with keywords and pertinent, good content in relevance with your business.

Check-ins, Likes, Comments-  The more traction you receive from followers, the more it will help you when it comes to a toss-up decision solely from an impression based potential customer.  Granted, restaurants and amusements type google pages will feel the majority of searches primarily right now, you cannot predict how people will utilize the tool.

Have you seen any of your Facebook friends right “Word of mouth is best”.  I’ve seen this written roughly 10 times in the last month on Facebook. Make sure you are the one with the best word of mouth reputation.