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Trust is the key to customer relationships, the key to successful marketing, and the one secret ingredient that engages an audience to follow you.. When it comes to communicating and interacting with your customers, personalizing an experience that builds trust with your audience is critical for maximizing your ROI. There are many ways you can work on building trust, which will be your driving factor for building new business,  but for now, let’s focus on building trust through transparency in your marketing. It’s a simple, yet very effective strategy in today’s digitally focused world.

Trust in Digital Marketing

In all of your digital marketing efforts, whether it be email marketing, social media marketing, or through your insurance agency’s website, trust can be established if you have the right strategy behind your execution. I would recommend having a set of automated emails being sent out to each of your customers at specific points in their experience, which we discuss more in our blog about email marketing for the independent insurance agent. Now, in terms of social media, you’re going to want to highlight the customer experience that your insurance agency provides. You can post candid photos of your staff, post pictures of other satisfied customers, or give helpful tips that will help with resolving insurance issues to make your customer’s life easier. Whatever it may be, show your customers that you care and that you can be their trusted resource. In all aspects of your digital marketing, be transparent by making sure they know exactly what they’re signing up before they work with you, and their entire customer experience will be much smoother and more rewarding.

The Customer Experience

The customer experience is where transparency is key. There’s a huge difference between providing the customer with a good service and providing an outstanding customer experience instead, which we’ve gone over in the past.. In all aspects of the customer experience, from the moment they pick up the phone to call your insurance agency to the moment they leave your office, you should be transparent, welcoming, and working to earn the customer’s trust.  Your insurance agency should have a promise or set of promises that you stand by to reassure your customers, and if you make a mistake, own up to it and quickly correct it. Greet everyone with a smile, because positivity goes a long way. You can also leave your customers with an extra bit of reassurance by having a mobile app incorporated into your agency to serve your customers 24/7 when they need you most in the case of an accident or a claim.

Trust = Success

Building trust happens in all stages of the customer experience, as well as in all of your insurance agency’s marketing efforts. At the end of the day, earning your audience’s trust will make you a leader with a voice of influence. Not only that, but it will make your customer feel more comfortable  sharing their personal information, which will allow you to serve them better. When your customers trust you they will be much more likely to send you referrals.  Building trust with your customers has a direct correlation with your insurance agency’s ROI, and that you can trust me on. Happy Marketing everyone!