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Had a great, productive day at the CG Real Estate Power Lunch, hosted by the amazing Chris Grant (CG REAL ESTATE) and Primary Residential Mortgage, Inc.  Whenever I attend these conferences and asked to speak, it never fails that I always take away new, great information each time.

The Power Lunch was based around marketing, social media and networking.  The greatest thing about social marketing, is it’s truly universal and can be applied to literally every field imaginable.  Im also excited when I get a chance to be in the presence of individuals who offer marketing expertise in their own field, like speaker Steve Pacinelli who is the Co-Founder of Tech Savvy Agent (The Pulse of Real Estate Technology).

Rebekah Battey of Express Verizon (owner Kim Milikowski)  covered the latest mobile technology for on the go REALTORS and also recognized for their exceptional service to many of the realtors and businesses in the Windham area. I have to give a plug to Express Verizon Wireless and all their stores in Ellington, Vernon, Enfield, Stafford and Windham as they truly know how to bring exceptional service and customer experience to a whole new level.

I was lucky enough to be a speaker on brand and identity, which is so hugely important for businesses to recognize and embrace even before they begin to market their company.  Often times, it seems that companies begin their marketing endeavor without understanding what their brand or identity is.  In my opinion, that is often going down a path, that will end up a dead-end and force you to turn around to the beginning.

The crowd was well over 70 and it was another great day filled with some of the most motivated individuals, ready to take on their field and be on the forefront of game changers.

When you talk about game changers, you can’t say that term without thinking of Chris Grant, not only a great friend, but one who truly exudes all great things when it comes to a business owner, community leader, expert and a fantastic person.