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In the past 2 months, we have received so many questions regarding content, content and content.  We haven’t until now, touched upon the question “Is Content King?”.  Well, after swallowing 2012 and our wins and losses, we will tell you this; Content is NOT King.

But relationships is.

When I hear “Content Is King” I instantly think of those amazing creative beings who have the ability to sit in a coffee shop or barricade themselves in their homes and write for hours about topics that feed into their creative juices…which, is AWESOME! The problem is, we have SO many creative beings ranging in a vast amount of topics, that often times, they get flooded in the “market” and go unnoticed.

So what are we saying? Yes, content is needed…that is a given.  If you are going to promote yourself as an expert of some sort, you need content to showcase.  However, you need the relationships, you need the other interested humans to share your content, believe in your content and raise awareness to your content.

So what do you need?

Awareness: You need attention to your content.  How do you do that?

Market: You need to market your content and yourself as the expert.

Think about this thought.  If the real world requires relationship building to go along and promote an individual who is coined an expert, why would the internet be anything different? I don’t care if you are the most social being or recluse. If you are going to spread your content, you are going to need to market any sort of attention to yourself.

Here is an idea for 2013: Continue to write the GREAT content you are already writing, but become more social! Bring more powerful and potential relationships to fruition and market your content!  If you believe your content is of the finest quality, but there is a lack of traffic, production or your goals are not being met, focus less on the content and more on the idea of being social and relationship building.

Its the world wide web- a web built on humans and businesses and websites designed and maintained by humans!  We say human connections first; content first also. No KING, but ALL Successful winners if you appropriate the amount of quality to each.