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by: Kate Pisciotta

I think what is probably the greatest achievement of the internet is the ability to network with others worldwide from the comforts of our own home.  The internet is free to explore and lead yourself in any direction you want to go.  Some of us use it for pure leisure, while others of us use it for business and profits.  No matter which category you fit in to,  the bigger question is, how do we funnel through ALL THIS CONTENT!

So much content, we’re lucky if we browse even 1% of a particular topic in our lifetime (doubtful). With billions of blogs and articles, it’s truly an endless cycle.  Whats frustrating, as I mentioned in my previous article, is unfortunately, for those who might not know the in’s and out’s of manipulating the system, will often times find their content to never truly surface to those looking for it.

We have to think to ourselves, what truly makes the person delivering content an expert?  I can tell you this: I could spend the first three hours of the day doing research, regurgitate the information and write my own article and consider myself an expert.  However, where did I ever check or balance the source of the information i interpreted?  When I am looking at the latest posts on some of my favorite blogs and authors, I can trust you that I look much further into their “resume” beyond their post.  If someone is considered a social media expert, let me take a look at their YouTube page, google+ page, LinkedIn, references, etc.  Now, we all may consider someone an expert from different, personal analytics; but its frustrating to me when someone can sit and write content, yet have no real success in their personal or work related avenues.

Social Media changing all the time and I’m lucky to be able to continue learning and adapting. I think being an expert of helping people understand and implement social media is half the battle.  What I do feel I’ve been very successful at is helping small businesses who have not yet adopted social media.  I’m fortunate enough to have worked with a plethora of small businesses who have seen their gross revenues rise within the first three months of putting together our social media game plan.

My point is this: We should be extremely grateful for search engines like Google who change their algorithms more than I change my clothes in one day.  There goal is to give consumers the best search results experience amongst all the content available.  If Content is King, All I can hope is the authors behind the content are Kings (and Queens) too.


So my questions is this: If you are a content writer, what makes you an expert in the field of content deliverance?  What do you look for in some of your mentors in the field? Why do you pick some “experts” versus others?