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I have a very important question for you. What if I told you I had a list of all the lost and unsold business from your biggest competitor, what would you say? Please, please, please how can I get it is your answer… we are on to something. Then, if I said so how much would you pay for it? Most agencies would say well a lot…

Well you have this list in your agency if you are adding all prospects to your management system. The problem is I find most people are not. We only use our management system when the prospect becomes a customer. The time is now to get your whole team putting every prospect into the management system!

There are several benefits to this which include:

  1. You can pull reports based on expiration dates that allow your team to reconnect with unsold business
  2. You can automate lead nurturing to these people so they re-consider you
  3. As new producers start this is a great database for them to attack
  4. You can pre-qualify who you go back after and weed out business that is not your target market
  5. Your producers prospects are your prospects so you build a valuable database

If you’re not putting prospects into the management system where do they go? Individual spreadsheets, the rating software, file cabinets. None of these help you sell them again in the future. Agency Performance Partners can help you structure these processes and more to help your agency perform at the top level.