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This is a guest post by by Mike Demko of MyInsuranceVideos

Everywhere you turn there are more threats from online competitors selling insurance. As a local agent you have to face the challenges from banks, internet brokers, and especially other insurance companies. All of these competitors have the potential to be a major threat to your bottom line.

Whether we like it or not, the reality is the internet has changed our business forever. It’s now more important than ever to find ways to emphasize your value and solidify your relationships.

Here’s 5 ways you can reinforcing your value as a local agent.

  1.     Birthday and Holiday Videos

local with mike 1

This is a great way to more personally touch your book. How many businesses have access to their clients’ birthdays? Use this to your advantage and reach out to your clients on their special day. Remember, you are in the relationship business. Deepening your relationships is the key to your success. Birthday videos have the highest open rate of ANY email campaign, up to 85%.


Pro Tip:

There’s a ton of options out there when it comes to email marketing.  MailChimp is a great choice.  It starts at $10 a month and requires little to no effort on your part, set it and forget it!


  1.     Customer Testimonials

local with mike 2Reinforce why your clients choose to work with you over another agency or even a direct writer.  Your clients have chosen to work with you because they trust you; have your current clients “sell” your business for you. The numbers don’t lie, customer testimonials have the highest effectiveness rating for all types of content marketing, with a rating of 89%.


Best Practices:

Sampson Insurance Testimonial

W.J. Wheeler Insurance Testimonial

Cossio Insurance Agency Testimonial

  1. Personalize your signature block

Make your signature block more “personal” by adding a photo of YOU! How many emails do you think you send eachday? If you’re like many insurance agency owners today, email is still the number one communication method.  So why not use this as a way to “market ourselves” in every touch?

Pro Tip:

Signature Creator is a free tool you can use to create your unique signature block.

If you would like to add some more bells and whistles to your signature, try one of our personal favorites: WiseStamp.

  1.  Create a “Why work with my Agency” or “Welcome to the Agency” video

This will reinforce your value as a local insurance agent. This will serve as a reminder for existing and future clients why they chose to work with you over a national agency. Deepen your relationships and show your staff’s friendly faces!

Best Practices:

Neckerman Insurance Services

McClain Insurance

Rey Insurance

CCW Insurance – Top 10 Reasons to Choose CCW

Mark Anthony Group – Why Choose an Independent

Insurance Agent

Paradiso Insurance – Get to Know Your Agency

Topic Ideas:

  • What is your unique selling proposition? Why should prospects choose


  • How long have you been helping families protect their assets in your


  • How do you give back to your community?

Pro Tips:

  • Be sure to mention that as an independent insurance agent, you are able to shop different carriers for best pricing
  • Keep it brief (1 to 1:30 minutes MAX)


  1. Create a Referral Program

Creating a referral program is easy, and rewarding your clients for sharing their positive experiences helps to increase closings every quarter, and is a great way to start. This is a cost effective strategy if it means you will be gaining even one more life-long client!  A great example can be seen from Stromsoe Insurance as seen below.

local with mike 3 local with mike 4









Pro Tips:

  • Add your referral program to your signature block – this way you can let your clients know about the program without bombarding their inbox
  • Make sure you have consistent and frequent call-to-actions by linking your referral program to your Facebook and directly on your Website
  • Announce YOUR winners in your email newsletter and on Facebook, this way you can show your other clients that they have a good chance to benefit from the program

Final Thoughts

There are so many ways for your insurance agency to stand out against the crowd, make sure you are doing everything you can to deepen those relationships. In the age of the internet, your clients have countless choices presented to them every day and you want to be sure that they see your value as a local independent insurance agent.