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If you are responsible for a business page on Facebook, you might have felt the drastic changes.  I can tell you personally, that I have felt the problem and have changed the marketing game plan for 2014. The problem?  Facebook’s algorithm changed so much, your lucky if you are reaching 3 percent of your fans on Facebook.

How Facebook Has Changed

A year ago, we were understanding the type of content that works best and weighs the most with Facebook and what the most valuable content is.    After mastering that, we figured that our new content strategy would have been powerful enough for any other small changes.  However, Facebook is trying to please more and more as news feeds had been seeing less and less of liked brands and friends posts.  The problem?  Well, Facebook fixed that, making it for more people to see more posts from the ones and brands they love.  The catch?  The influx of traffic is hurting businesses…and impressions and ability to reach fans has drastically changed.

So what is our advice?  Businesses can no longer solely use Facebook as the marketing avenue.  More than ever, a blended strategy is going to be used, consisting of fresh unique content, various social media avenues and a strong website.

So Where Do You Go With Facebook?

When the average post life on Facebook is 30 minutes while the average reach to fans is 3%….well, we certainly don’t have to throw the conclusion to you.  If you are going to continue to use Facebook the way you did a year ago, expect to throw money in the equation if you are planning or hoping on the same results.

Blended strategies will be the winner in your new marketing strategy.  So step out of your comfort zone and test the waters of other business-friendly avenues in the internet marketing world.