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Your email signature block is “valuable real estate” that has a bigger impact on your customers or prospects than you may think. Simple changes to your email signature block can help drive sales and referrals. Think of your email signature block as a marketing tool!

How many emails do you think you send in a day? A week? A month? If you’re like many insurance agency owners today, email is still the number one communication method.  With that being said, why not use this as a way to “market yourself” in every touch?

For demonstrational purposes we’ve included a “text only” version of a signature block from Sandra Challenger in Perth, Ontario.  

Sandra Challenger
Vice President of Operations
Phone: 613-267-5100 1-800-267-7928   Fax: 613-264-0663

Now compare this to what her REAL signature block looks like: (with our highlights in RED)


Here are examples from other agents that include additional components that you may want to consider.  

Have you been “Serving your community for 45 years?” Then you may want to add this as a tagline as seen by Joe Jimenez.


Do you have a video that explains why someone should do business with you and your agency? If so, you should include an image linking to the video like Mike Vakos has done.

Do you sell other lines of business other than Home and Auto? Make sure to mention it. (Many of your customers don’t know that you sell LIFE, UMBRELLA or even BUSINESS insurance). Adding one line like Bill Richards has done can help generate new quotes.


Is feedback important to you? (It better be!) You are in a service business, your clients want to know that you care.  See what Patty Lares has done here, by adding a feedback link her clients can see that she cares about their experience with her services. This is a great way to build trust and rapport.


You can also boost your credibility as seen by Tim Shaw. Insurance is all about TRUST, adding something as simple as the BBB logo can make your clients feel at ease with their decision to work with your agency.  

Final Take Away:

Don’t get carried away with too many “messages” in your signature block, it becomes too noisy. If you have a valuable referral program, then showcase that link. The examples above are a great way to utilize your email signature block, but make sure you are selective and choose something that  suits your insurance agency!


The good news is that making a signature block like this is can be EASY and FREE.


Our Suggested Tools:

Here is a free tool to create your signature block:  Signature Creator


If you’re looking for something a little more unique, try newoldstamp.


If you would like to add some more bells and whistles to your signature, try one of our personal favorites WiseStamp.


If you use Outlook, this YouTube Video does a good job walking you through the steps.