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At the recent IAOA (Independent Agent Owners Association) meeting in Phoenix, agency owners gathered to hear tips from other agents on how to grow their business.  Once the business is bound, servicing it to meet the client’s expectations becomes the next priority.  A huge component of being able to service your clients is taking full advantage of technology that saves your team processing time.   One of those technologies is DOWNLOAD.  Many agents visited the IVANS booth to learn how they could sign in to view and update their agency’s complimentary download Connections Report.  Most were surprised to see that their agency was missing over 50% of the available download from their carriers.  Have you checked your IVANS Connections Report lately?  If not, contact Cal Durland.  She will assist you in accessing your report and explain how the IVANS Connection team helps your agency activate the download that helps you free up time to service your clients.