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Google celebrated it’s 15th birthday with a surprise for you: Another algorithm change.  This change is different from the penguin and panda updates we have been trying to master.  If you remember the “Caffeine” update, this new change is much similar as far as change is concerned.

Googles Purpose

First thing is first: let remind ourselves of WHY Google does this.  Not that they seem to have much competition (sorry you Yahoo and Bing fans) regardless, Google wants to give the best user experience to everyone that is searching for some kind of answer.

As many experts compared this latest change to was a car and engine.  Some have older, maybe even classic cars, that are still in great condition, but have a new engine.  The engine itself will still use some of the old small parts but overall will be revamped.

A Google Algorithm Overview

Certain attributes such as penguin and panda will still be utilized in the update along with some other parts of the algorithm foundation.  Hummingbird however, will focus more on natural conversations, while trying to utilize more words in a phrase or question versus focusing on just keywords.  So before, where your results might not have been exactly what you are looking for, Google will now take into consideration the whole entire statement and/or question to give you better results.

If Google has your location remembered, this will also play a part in your results.

When Did Hummingbird Make It’s Debut

The Change itself took place sometime close around the last week of August…so if you are wondering if your site has been affected, take a look at your analytics.  Its also important to remember that if you have seen dramatic change, it could be from some of the already working parts from other algorithms that have been updating continually. 

As far as SEO being dead? Absolutely not.  All the attributes to a successful site are still very much important and web developers should not be changing any of there best practices (until another major change comes out).  

Paradiso Presents will keep you up-to-date on anything further.  Until then- Market on friends!!