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The key factor to always remember when your agency markets itself through social media is to make sure you understand who your audience is.  When you do this, you can then avoid the following four LinkedIn turnoffs.

1— Remember, LinkedIn is business-to-business, not business- to- consumer, so make sure you understand that you’re communicating your business to other businesses. Many people talk about what bar they’re going to or where they’re going out to eat on Facebook, which is the forum to do so. This however does not work for LinkedIn because it’s business- to- business, and other businesses don’t care what bar you’re going to or where you’ve decided to go out to eat tonight.

2— Another major turnoff is ignoring other people’s post or comments. Remember, one major rule with social media is that you should listen and respond to what others say and do. It’s much easier to simply post and move on but that is not an effective use of your business’s presence on social media.  It’s not about you it’s about them.

3– When connecting with people through LinkedIn, don’t try to connect with the world. This is a major turnoff with people because they don’t want to just accept a connection from anybody anywhere. They want to connect with other people who have similar common interests as they. Do your research before you simply ask someone to connect with you on LinkedIn.

4— The fourth turn off on LinkedIn can also apply to all other social media outlets: don’t just talk about yourself (remember social media is not about you).  Understanding your audience and who you have connected with on LinkedIn will allow you to post topics that interest your connections which in turn will cause your posts to be liked, commented on, and/or shared.

These four LinkedIn turnoffs need to be understood before you go out into the LinkedIn world and try to make connections. If you ignore these four turnoffs, I can guarantee that you won’t have success on LinkedIn. Your agency needs to have a good LinkedIn presence because if you’re writing any commercial business, I can assure you they most likely are on LinkedIn and your competitors in the insurance world are also on LinkedIn. Put together a strategy and remember to always look back to make sure that the strategy you put together is working for you and helping your agency grow.