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The Paradiso Presents Seminars are not just purely about social media.  Our goal is to give you a blended strategy that includes your website, SEO, presence online and the factors involved.  We consider what will make a company money long term and a strategy that will LAST.


Social Media and your marketing strategy should not be based on a short term fix or win.  It won’t and can’t work that way and all that will happen is you and your company giving up and losing the well deserved faith you should have in your internet strategy.


One thing I want to clear up and something we will discuss in depth in our November seminar is the idea of FRESH CONTENT.  If you aren’t familiar with this term, it is used broadly in regards to helping a website or blog rank higher in the search engines because the content on the sites is updated more often.


I do want to clarify on this idea.  There ultimately is a difference in types of fresh content and when it is most needed.  For many of us with websites, there is no immediate reason to update the site OFTEN.  I say this because your site might serve its purpose and yours by offering company info, purpose and contact information.  In this case, I would suggest focusing on good SEO practices.  Have the website built from the ground up in a manner that suits the search engines guidelines for proper SEO.


However, websites or blogs that deliver newsworthy content for example, may focus on fresh content more.  For example, your blog or site offers news for your community and you have an earthquake.  In this case, people will be searching the web for relative and new content regarding this time sensitive topic.  In the internet world, they would consider these searches in the internet at QDF (Query Deserving Freshness). Meaning, you don’t need nor want to stumble upon an article or post that was written year ago about the previous earthquake.  You want the latest information regarding it.


I am not saying that you shouldn’t update your website….instead, I’m simply offering the general advice that you should consider a realm of good SEO practices as well as the Fresh Content Theory.


In our November Seminar, we will be discussing this more!