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Mobile has fundamentally transformed every element of consumer behavior and how businesses engage with them…and that includes insurance. We may be known as tech dinosaurs but this is our chance to catch up.


If you don’t add mobile to your marketing mix, prospects won’t find you. If you don’t add the right kind of mobile, your customer service will lag and you’ll miss out on growth opportunities. Mobile is exploding and I’m taking full advantage of that explosive growth to increase the value of my existing customers and add new ones.


According to Flurry Analytics, overall app use in 2013 posted 115% year-over-year growth. Utility and Productivity apps posted the second largest gain of 150%, and 80% of the time that a user spends with their mobile device is spent inside apps. Smartphones are the new personal computer and self service is the short-cut to productivity.


The right use of mobile, and the right app selection, promises engagement that ensures customer loyalty and service that creates growth. My agency is engaging with customers when and where they need help, and our seamless one-touch experience positions us as their center-point for their insurance needs.


For insurance agencies “mobile” falls into two categories: the mobile web and the mobile app, and each has different purposes, outcomes and audiences. Both are critical components of every agency’s marketing strategy.


The mobile web means optimizing your website to be viewed on a mobile device. Every agency should optimize for mobile so prospects can find your agency (think SEO), and navigate to a few main areas of your website. The mobile web should not be your whole website.  It should provide quick links to the most asked-for info. My mobile website makes me visible and easily accessible – that’s important because mobile searches are projected to overtake desktop searches very soon.





My agency’s mobile marketing app, Insurance Agent, revamped the way I engage, service and communicate with my existing customers. I knew I wanted an app but most apps I looked at did little more than offer contact information and email functionality. I wanted to offer my clients something that would add value for them and my agency. Most apps don’t offer any meaningful way for me to engage with my clients, or tell me which of my clients has my app. I needed something all my clients could use, offers utility and productivity features to add value, and helps my agency see up-sell and cross-sell opportunities when they arise.


Insurance Agent is engineered to meet the marketing and sales needs of my agency, and also has an outstanding user experience for my customers. The result is an enterprise-level app that “nails it” with its depth of features and functionality, seamless one touch experience for customers, and customer engagement that is personalized and relevant.


Other features include:

–       Built in distribution of the app with the click of a button

–       Tracking of who has the app and how it is being used

–       Bill pay & claims phone numbers/links for my companies

–       Notifications/Alerts/Updates can be sent to all my customers

–       Segmented notifications can be sent to select customers

–       Mobile claims kit & accident report(s)

–       Easy-to-use  home inventory app within the app

–       Single-point management and access to shared customer inventory and accident reports, data feedback & referrals


The sign-up process couldn’t have been easier… there’s no long-term contract, and it is engineered it for the long term.  Now you can be present for your clients, and cost-effectively catapult your agency onto the mobile platform with the Insurance Agent mobile marketing application.


Decades ago agencies were told that the web would alter our business.  It has, and it is important NOT to think of mobile as a shrunken version of the web. Mobile is just as evolutionary as the web was in the 1990’s.  As Flurry Analytics says: “It’s an app world…the web just lives in it.”


Your agency must invest in mobile tools that can help you market and grow your business.  Research says that up to ¾ of your customers are now using smartphones, and they expect your agency to have a meaningful presence on their device.  Now you can with the Insurance Agent mobile marketing app.