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The latest social media saga continues as YouTube users rebel over the Google+ merge.  For some of you who don’t use Youtube or Google+, let us give you a quick overview.

For many users, YouTube was a way to freely express oneself while keeping anonymity throughout the platform.  For those of you who have browsed YouTube, you are aware of the foul language and sometimes disturbing comments and feedback publicly displayed amongst the comments.  However, that freedom of expression while keeping anonymity was a factor almost sacred to users.

However, we all knew at some point, Google would plan to merge the Google platforms together in a way where a person couldn’t use one platform without the other.  Oh how true that is, as now those of us who want to partake in commenting on videos must either have a Google+ page or create a YouTube channel.

While we can see the idea that YouTube and Google+ were going for, the uproar has created quite a stir.  So we’ll ask you…Do you like the merge of YouTube and Google+?

I love Jack Croston’s take on the latest changes and you can see his commentary here.