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Congratulations if you are one of the businesses I work with on a consistent basis who’ve decided to make the plunge into online marketing and showing your website and online presence some tender loving care for 2013 and beyond.  You are doing the right thing! Look beyond the trendy, social media perception and see the opportunity for your business to make strides in competing with the bigger competition.  As I have always said, social media and the internet allow for a level playing field for all businesses, big and small.

Now that you are getting started, the number one question is, “How do we measure success?” That will come with time. Again, I may seem like a broken record however the ROI (Return On Investment) will come in time when your handwork today, allows you to prosper down the road.  Yes, you may see some short-term wins…but please remember patience as those may come to pass quickly to then feel let down with the “quiet interim”

So while we work towards the future, one tool everyone should be using is any form of a website grader….coincidentally, I use a tool from Hubspot called


This site is great to be able to see what you are doing correctly and what you are missing in terms of strengthening your website so it is stronger and comes up higher in search results when your potential clients are looking for your service or product.  Google is updating their formulas (algorithms) almost on a weekly if not daily basis to make anyones search experience “the best experience”.

As we have seen with recent Google algorithms, social media is having a huge effect on sites and how they rank in search engines.  Websitegrader will allow you to see what you need to do to help the score of your website.

As we continue on, we will be looking into strategies to help spread content and what content we should be sharing and outputting in our social media sites of use as well as website structure and what we can be doing better.


Kate Pisciotta

Paradiso Presents