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Everyone has an idol or someone they look up to. Your insurance agency, for example, may follow the teachings of past or present leaders. As a society, we also look up to certain influencers because of certain traits or qualities they may have. An innovative mindset, kindness, and a passionate attitude seem to fit the persona of a great leader. These traits do not differ in the online world either, and some of the top marketing leaders hone these characteristics.

So, here are some of the most influential leaders in the digital marketing space:

Antonio J Lucio is the Global Chief Marketing & Communications Officer at HP Inc. Antonio is constantly looking for ways to improve marketing and business strategies. His open mind towards “reinventing the wheel” promotes positive results in the digital marketing industry. Antonio strives to influence other major companies such as P&G and Coca-Cola to push their business strategies as well. He is incredibly passionate about diversity in the work force and pushes to influence many, especially women, to get involved in digital marketing. Antonio’s talks inspire others to develop powerful leadership initiatives and challenges brands to take initiatives towards pushing traditional marketing boundaries. Plus, with over 35,000 twitter followers it’s not hard to say that he has an influence over the marketing world. In fact, his twitter is filled with a variety of motivational quotes and interesting business articles. If you’re looking for a new approach to marketing, Antonio is definitely worth following.

Ann Lewnes is the Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer at Adobe. Ann has over 10,000 twitter followers and uses her influence to promote creativity as well as technological advances. Ann shares an influx of media discussing how technology influences our society, culture, and business strategies. She’s a big part of AdobeMAX (an annual conference that brings together creatives and designers) and uses this conference to share new and innovative ideas. Ann also frequently shares many studies and tips useful for the workspace. Therefore, if you’re in need of some creative inspiration or interesting content, check her out!

Rod Brooks is also one of our insurance agency’s favorites. Rod is the Chief Marketing Officer at PEMCO Insurance. His marketing strategies are a bit similar to ours in terms of adding his own personal brand to his posts. Rod isn’t afraid to share his family life, passions, and notable information about insurance coverage on social media. Additionally, each post he shares holds a sense of authenticity to it. Rod also shares a variety of helpful tips, such as ways to prevent ice from forming on your house to health tips for the new year. His digital marketing strategy is balanced because he shares a variety of motivational quotes, helpful tips, personal family moments, and insurance visuals. In fact, Rod Brooks was named the number 1 marketing leader of 2016. Therefore, if you’re in need of a little inspiration for your insurance agency’s marketing strategy, follow Rod for some ideas.

Jon Iwata is the Senior Vice President of Marketing and Communications at IBM, and with over 20,000 followers on Twitter it’s fair to say he has a pretty big influence in the tech world. Jon shares a variety of science articles and news about IBM. Additionally, majority of what he shares is about all of the great and innovative things his company is partaking in, particularly with IBM’s supercomputer Watson. Each post piques curiosity, as well as a sense of community. From ways IBM is helping to cure cancer to working with small developers, giving back to your community not only helps you personally, but your brand becomes associated with charitable acts. In fact, our agency takes great strides to get involved with our local community. So, Jon is a wonderful digital leader to follow if you’re looking for inspiration on how to share your brand in an innovative light.

Lynne J. Johnson takes a very positive and upbeat approach to digital marketing. She’s the Chief Marketing Officer at Consumer’s Credit Union and tweets about positive events happening in her life and around the world. Lynne also writes her own blog, titled Simply, Be Kind. Her blog explores the use of meditative practices in personal and business life. The main focus of her blog is to practice kindness, and to also look at each situation with a clear mind. Her blog and Twitter may not directly revolve around business practices or marketing strategy (although, some of her content does) but optimism is the overall feeling on her social media presence. Therefore, if you’re looking for a bit of positively Lynne can surely be the needed sunshine on a cloudy day. It’s also never a bad idea to take her positive attitude and use it in your agency’s marketing plan.

Moreover, while these leaders may all work in different spaces, they’re influencing the digital marketing space each and every day. So, the next time you need a marketing reboot, why not follow some of these leaders on social media? How can their energy inspire you to push your brand even further in the digital world?