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 As we embark on the new year, we will be focusing on the benefit analysis general overview including an all new section called #5: Community Hub.  With our success of MyStaffordSprings for our agency, Paradiso Insurance, we are ready to have independent agencies take back their communities and show people that its the independent insurance agencies who are truly invested within the community.  The next seminar is January 30th in Connecticut and we still have several spots left.  Please fill out the contact sheet below for more information!

Benefit Analysis


#1: Retention Rate

#2: Growth

#3: Identity & Brand

#4: Value Added Benefit

#5: Community Hub

With our website MyStaffordSprings, a website designed to promote all of our community news, our agency has become the hub of all things within our town.  Foot traffic, brand awareness and storefront recognition are just a few of the perks in addition to many leads and new business to the agency with the website and our marketing efforts being used for community good.