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Why should you blog?

Blogging is very important because it helps your website’s SEO (search engine optimization) and ranking. Blog posts increase the amount of content on your website and create another way to connect with your audience.

Plus, when you consistently blog, Google sees your website as active and relevant. Therefore, if someone is searching for insurance services, you’ll have an edge over your competition.

However, it’s important to understand what keywords you should be using to get your website to climb to the top. We actually use a SEO specialist to help our marketing team define which keywords, page title, and meta descriptions we should be using for each blog post. Having the right terminology and phrasing makes all the difference when a post is published, without it your content may not been seen.

If you’re active on social media like our insurance agency is, then think of blogging as another way to engage with your audience. Blogging can help you educate your customers on different topics, bring awareness to an event, and even provide readers with helpful resources they may not have been able to find in the first place.

If you’re providing helpful content, it adds to the buyer’s experience. Even if a reader isn’t planning to buy your services right away, they’re still left with a memorable and enjoyable experience. This is beneficial in future decision making because blogging is fundamental to gaining trust and building brand identity with new potential clients.  


What should you blog about?

Blogging is important, but you shouldn’t just blog in order to attract potential clients. You’ll want to attract the right clients to your insurance agency. You can do this by defining your marketing personas before you start creating your content. When you know exactly who your target audience is, you can tailor your messaging focus on exactly the things that matter most to them.

For example, most of our blog posts are centered around families who own a home, a few vehicles, and have 1-2 children. Therefore, our posts take a particular focus on writing towards someone who has this type of lifestyle.

Blogging is a also a great way to reinforce your brand to your current customers. For example, many of our commercial clients are local and small, just like us. Therefore, we establish a sense of community and support through our Partners of Paradiso Program. This program is a free marketing service to clients who would like to receive it. Our marketing team goes to the client’s business, takes a few photos  and then writes a blog post about the business. It’s a great way to help our marketing efforts, while also helping the smaller businesses in our community who may not have a big voice online. Adding these partner pieces also helps to balance out the content we publish every week.


A great way to connect with your readers is to write about events that are happening in your community.. This shows that you’re an active member in the community and readers who live local may find this type of content helpful.

For example, we’ve recently written a piece about grilling safety in the summer, but also subtly included a few sentences about our Flag Day event and linked to it in another post we wrote.

This is a great way to share services your agency offers without your blog seeming like a giant sales pitch. Plus, having internal links included in your blog posts is a good idea from an SEO standpoint.


How should you blog?

Having a sense of balance in your writing is very important. Your blogs should be consistent in terms of branding and publishing, but shouldn’t focus on the same topic time and time again. For example, your insurance agency’s blog shouldn’t be entirely dedicated towards selling insurance, but they also shouldn’t just be about fun travel ideas your audience can do with the family. Readers want to be entertained and enjoy your content, but writing about irrelevant topics may come off as confusing and, in some cases, insincere.

Your brand is important and if it’s not detectable in your writing, it’s not helping others to connect with you or your insurance agency. However, you also don’t want your audience to lose interest in your content, therefore, it’s okay to make more light hearted pieces occasionally. Finding a balance between related and unrelated insurance topics is key to keep your audience continuously reading.

Don’t forget to break up your blog with visual content and subtitles before you publish a blog either. Visuals attract much more engagement than plain text and proper heading usage makes it easier for readers (and search engines like Google) to digest what they’re reading.

So, now that you have these few tips in mind, get blogging!. Don’t leave your insurance agency steps behind everyone else, implement blogging into your marketing strategy and we can be sure you’ll gain a great amount of traction from it.