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November 28th marked a very special day for the team at Paradiso Presents.  For Chris Paradiso, its much more than a jam packed seminar; its finally telling the story of his company Paradiso Insurance, and how the success of social marketing and digital marketing changed the success of his agency.  Within minutes of speaking with Chris, each person comes up with the same conclusion: he is tremendously passionate about this.

Rightfully he should.  So many agencies are wondering what happened to the streaming business which once entered their agency.  Many are wondering and asking what they need to do to survive and grow in the coming years.  This is the question that Chris and the team answer throughout the seminar and other services that Paradiso Presents provides.

The November 28th seminar was especially informative with the presence of some of the greatest names in the insurance industry including Eric Hall, executive vice president of Rough Notes, John Fear, owner of Premier Business Solutions and marketing expert, Ryan Hanley.  The attendees received some of the most valuable information from some of the most well-known professionals in the industry and took away knowledge that will be utilized in their own respective agencies.

The next seminar is January 30th with 22 spots currently open.  For more information, please go to the contact section at Paradiso Presents.