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If you’re not already familiar with Pinterest, this social network focuses on visual content for you to share to your customers, clients, and prospects. Users can share a variety of visuals and GIFs from other users and outside sources. Media posted to this network can also be easily linked to other websites, making Pinterest a great venue for business marketing. Tailwind, a scheduling application that works with this network, can also help with the marketing process. In fact, our agency uses Tailwind to schedule all of our pins and content. Tailwind works similar to Pinterest; you can upload your own content or pin content uploaded from other users. However, Tailwind allows you to schedule pinning for a certain time or day, so that you don’t have to be in front of your computer all day just to be active on Pinterest. Once your posts are set up in Tailwind, you choose a time and a date, and Tailwind takes care of getting your post out while you are away.

The most optimal times to be active on Pinterest are from 2PM-4PM and 8PM-1AM, days also vary as user engagement fluctuates between different topics. For example, fitness related posts show the highest engagement on Mondays, whereas technology is more popular on Tuesdays. However, these aren’t set rules, because your insurance agency has unique needs and has an individual audience to target with your posts. Your content should connect to a wide range of users, but they should also speak to the core values of your agency’s brand. For instance, our agency pins a lot of content about food, DIY projects, fitness, and motivational thoughts. However, we also share pins than can relate back to our brand such as, classic cars, supporting our troops, patriotism, family life, and shopping small and local. Marketing on Pinterest needs balance for it to work. Your page shouldn’t just be a bunch of random, trending content, but it also shouldn’t focus entirely on marketing insurance either. In order to gain followers and engagement on Pinterest, it’s best to have a variety of content that speaks to your brand, while also speaking to the average user.

Our agency uses Tailwind to schedule out 15 pins every weekday from 5:00 PM to 9:30 PM. Moreover, while a vast majority of our pins do not fall within the optimal “pinning time”, it works for our current followers and shows that we’re constantly engaging on the network. Our daily pins consist of branded visuals we’ve created throughout the day, as well as repins from content that show up in our home feed.

Tailwind is also fairly intuitive to use. Once you have Tailwind installed an icon will appear on pins you hover over on Pinterest.


Additionally, when you click the Tailwind icon another screen will pop up, from there you can customize the description, choose which board the pin will be sent to, and most importantly schedule it for a future date. Just click the small clock icon on the new window and a calendar drop down will appear.


Tailwind also allows users to schedule branded content too, however you’ll have to go directly through the Tailwind platform to do this.


To publish or schedule your content to Pinterest, simply go into your publisher, hover over “create new pin” and then click upload images. A pop up window will appear that will let you link your content from your device. The publisher menu on Tailwind also allows you to see what you have scheduled for the future, what has been published, and any drafts you have.

So, how should your insurance agency go about marketing content through Pinterest?

Well first off, creativity shouldn’t be an afterthought. Many advertisements lack the unique energy needed to keep viewers interested. Plus, with the rise of ad-blockers on internet browsers and phone apps, it’s apparent consumers aren’t caring for them. In fact, current trends show that many marketers are finally making the shift to implement creative storytelling and emotional connections with their audiences.

Secondly, video has become huge on Pinterest (and other networks). This means you shouldn’t just be sharing images. Plus, with the increase of integration between multiple platforms, video is no longer trapped in hosting sites like Youtube. To up your game, share some personal videos, create some GIFs, and most of all keep it interesting.

Marketing like our technology is vastly changing, therefore it’s important to keep up. Plus, with Pinterest’s diverse and large user space this network can help you achieve engagement you may have never thought of.

Moreover, if you’re still not convinced, our statistics speak for themselves. Currently, we have over 800 followers, with over 199,000 monthly viewers and over 9,000 daily impressions. This is just from us constantly posting a variety of content each week day.


Therefore, if you haven’t started using Pinterest as a part of your insurance agency’s marketing strategy, now is the time to build your brand with it!