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googleplusThere’s a good chance Google+ may not be a part of your digital marketing strategy, but it really should be. For those of you who aren’t already on Google+, this platform is your one-stop solution to visual, factual, entertaining, and information driven content, and it even allows you to build circles and communities, or connect with your friends, customers, and clients, and we use it every day here at Paradiso Insurance.

There’s Power in the Plus

googleplus2When it comes to using this social media platform, the pro’s heavily outweigh the con’s, and when you look at the facts, you recognize that this social media should be a part of any company’s online marketing strategy.

Google+ is growing, and fast.  Google+ has over 150 million active users, and over 500 million enabled accounts. Not only that, but Google is the number one search engine to date, and since Google+ is one of their services, using this social media can seriously boost your company’s SEO.  Here’s another great takeaway; when your company or agency uses Google+, it puts you on the map. You’ll not only show up higher in the search results, but Google will display your company’s address and phone number right in the results, making it easy as ever to shop local for your customers. Google+ is also an organized social media, and it’s easy to get engagement from your users because the majority of them are active daily.

That’s the Why; Here’s the How

googleplus3You’re going to want to connect to the right people, which means looking for the right communities. Our agency is very strong supporters of military, and we are also big on classic cars, so we’ve joined communities where we can show our military appreciation and display the classic cars that we have already insured. By using the right hashtags, uploading engaging content, and posting to the appropriate corresponding communities, we’ve extended our brand’s reach online, and helped our SEO efforts, all in one stop. This is the platform that no one is talking about but everyone should be, so get on it before your competition does!

With all of the great features Google+ has to offer, it shoul
d be obvious that this will bring your agency some fantastic ROI… not to mention, it’s free! Signing up is as simple as owning a Google enabled account, and then clicking activate Google+ under your profile settings in the upper right hand corner of your Google screen.  Once your on, you can upload messages to your audience in the form of text, photos, external URL’s, videos, events, and more!