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Many people ask us for our digital marketing success secrets, and truth be told, we love sharing them! Are you looking to transform your agency from the ground up? Do you need ideas on how you can get traction in the digital world and online? And finally, are you looking to optimize your agency’s customer experience to hold onto your customers for the long hull?

Introducing the two day Paradiso Presents digital marketing workshop, designed with the Independent Insurance Agent’s success in mind.

This workshop will be featuring Chris Paradiso and Joe Estey of Paradiso Presents, jam packed with two days of content that will help add the fuel to the fire within your agency’s marketing strategy.

Here’s the full agenda:

The Paradiso Presents 2 Day Marketing Workshop

Date: January 24-25th, 2019

Location:  La Cantera Resort and Spa in San Antonio

Featuring: Chris Paradiso, Joe Estey

Agenda Includes:

Day 1

  • Developing your agency brand – how to create it, and 30 questions to help develop the brand
  • A personal brand versus an agency brand (social individual agent branding strategy)
  • Creating a marketing budget
  • How to create and use marketing personas to direct your content to your target audience
  • How to craft agency visuals and what tools to use (with hands-on training on how your agency can create your own visuals with logos, etc.)
  • Facebook overview, and how to set up paid advertising to targeted audiences (boosting)
  • Your social strategy with your staff – the power of checking in on Facebook and how your staff speaks to your agency brand
  • Capitalizing on your loyal followers – your customer strategy on Facebook, and how pictures and visuals of clients and staff can boost your following (including how to post/tag)
  • The power of hashtags – why they are important and how to properly use them (and how your agency can create your own custom hashtags to spur your audience to take action)
  • How and why we use Yelp (how to set up your Yelp account and the “in’s and out’s” of the Yelp app)
  • Instagram set up and uses, along with individual accounts for a agent/broker or agency (including the “in’s and out’s” of the Instagram app and how to re-market visuals properly to Instagram)

Day 2

  • Twitter – how to setup your account, and how to use Twitter to find prospects or attract leads
  • How to properly SEO and spread your YouTube videos online (including direct uploading videos to Facebook for more traction as well)
  • Creating your first video with hands-on help/guidance
  • Learning about the tool Loom, and how to create and use video proposals for your customers/clients, and how it helps the customer experience
  • YouTube – how to set up an agency page and maintain your channel
  • Pinterest – how to set up an agency page, what to post, and how to properly hashtag and get visibility in the Pinterest world
  • Blogging – why every agency needs a blog and how to SEO your posts to help your agency website’s traction and spread blogs to social media
  • How to write a blog, how many words are involved, and other tips/tricks with blogging as well
  • Agency website design – how to have a profitable website, how to see who’s visiting your agency website, call to actions, review of ResponseiQ
  • Google analytics – tracking your agency website performance and how you can always strive to improve and capitalize on what’s working
  • Email marketing – our tools and strategy and how your agency can implement as well (including setting up specific templates, how often clients should get emailed, and how to avoid getting labeled as spam)

Agency owners and marketing specialists are encouraged to attend this two day seminar.

Any proceeds over expenses will be donated to Journey Found.

Claim your seat today by clicking here.