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By Guest Blogger Julia Czelazewicz 

As the world of social media continues to grow and become more saturated, it seems as though standing out and making your voice heard becomes more difficult as well, especially for small business. So how is it that a small business can have their voice heard over all the mainstream hype?  Well, there are many ways, and they all start with what you already know. If you find yourself thinking “I don’t know much about blogging, posting, or anything to do with that social media stuff”, as strange as it sounds, you may actually have an advantage. So, in what way can you possibly be ahead when you’re feeling so behind?  Allow me to explain…

As a small business you stand for a very special part of society, you are able to deliver business genuinely and personally, and you take the time to get to know your clients and are able to provide a very special experience. See what I’m getting at? You haven’t lost what would be referred to as a “special touch”.  In a day in age where we are literally being drowned by the marketing of huge corporations, who most certainly can’t deliver business like we can, we must learn to use our special quality to our upmost advantage. So, as you roll your eyes and shake your head at the hundreds of people buried in their phones all day, wondering if there is any hope in humanity left to be reconnected to the real world, keep in mind that you are that hope.

Social media today has most of our minds set on one track, this is one that’s fast, forgetful, easily influenced, and focused on superficial ideas. Let’s face it, marketing has us deeply captivated by things that we can really do without. Lucky for small business, we still hold the qualities that are being diminished by these types of things. It is undeniable that social media is here to stay, so it is our job to tap into this new age and be the hope in reconnecting all this disconnection with what truly matters.

There are certain things I have learned simply through observation that I reflect upon daily as a basis for my work.  As part of the social media team, I spend most of my work hours creating captivating content for many platforms of Paradiso’s online presence. As a do this, usually based upon my own creativity, I will sometimes take time to reference other blogs and posts to see how others are putting themselves out there. Doing this, I have come to a conclusion which drives me and keeps me focused every day in my job, as well as everyday life.

First and foremost, stay true to yourself. The most captivating and successful content comes from people who eat, sleep, breathe and genuinely believe in what they do. There is nothing that speaks louder than passion behind any type of content. When you start believing in what you do, others will start to believe in you. Don’t try to “fit the script”, fit your own script. Decide what makes you different, and use it to drive your content.

As I mentioned from the start, you already know everything you need to know, and what we are trying to make happen here is a type of reconnection to what mainstream media has walked all over. What clogs our television and computer screens desperately needs a new face, and a new more meaningful meaning. This is precisely where we as small businesses have to step up to the plate and not be afraid to show who we are. Before we are able to reconnect this severe disconnection, we first need to reconnect ourselves with, well, ourselves! We have to embrace and not forget that we are the ones capable of true originality, and to share this through social media really isn’t much extra work, especially when it’s driven by passion.