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2013 certainly brought many changes, additions and ideas to the playing field we call internet marketing.  It seems that some direct writers are understanding the importance of teaming with independent insurance agencies to create marketing ideas to help business growth.  For 2014, becoming more mobile friendly along with optimizing local search with be two critical points to all of our marketing efforts.  

If you and your agency still haven’t embraced social media and internet marketing, 2014 will be a crucial year to begin.  While every year proves to be complete with new information and marketing tips, 2014 will be NO DIFFERENT.  Facebook has in many ways, has put a wrench in businesses utilizing the free service, which means independent insurance agencies need to explore new avenues.

In 2014 you will find that these “other” avenues such as Google+, Twitter, Instagram and other valuable content like online reviews will be places many businesses will want to re-visit if it isnt happening already.  Your marketing game plan should certainly include a blended strategy.

Internet marketing was never designed to be a comfortable environment.  If you are always feeling the need to stay on top of things, or explore new ways to market, you are doing a great job.  While its very difficult to keep up with the changes, it has to be done.

Paradiso Presents looks forward to offering more tips in 2014 for your online strategy and combatting direct writers.  We hope all of you have a wonderful New Year!  If you are in need of a new years resolution, consider this to be you #1 priority of the year.