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SEO Moz, Social Media Examiner, Google Webmaster Central Blog…and on and on and on.  If you are like  me, you nearly get a panic attack every morning as you scroll through the latest info regarding the #1,234 update for Google’s Panda update, do this stop this….everyday, every second, all day, everyday.

I’m not saying not to research, but I am telling you not to freak out.  The point is, (and even I am at fault for this) our job as insurance marketing engineers for Independent Insurance Agencies is to represent our agency, become educated over time and make our  marketing efforts a long-term goal.  For some of us, a marketing director is the last line of communication to any sort of marketing resource…for others, there are other avenues to ask questions.

Here are some tips for those of you who are wondering what other marketing peeps do who are in the same shoes.

  1. Start your day with coffee..: and in the process of drinking your coffee, take that half hour to an hour and catch up on the marketing headlines….subscribe to some of your favorite or most informative sites and get your juices flowing with a little content and a little coffee.
  2. Dont Lose Sight: after your C&C, its time for work.  Your agency is counting on you to maintain and continue the efforts.  Start a list, keep your agency in mind and realize that worrying about the latest algorithm change isn’t going to be the end all, be all of your marketing efforts.
  3. Pick and Choose Your Audience Wisely: Just because we consider ourselves marketing directors for our company, doesn’t mean we have every single answer.  In fact, some of the best social media engineers are just that because of their personality and ability to connect and communicate with their audience.  There are the other SEO or social media experts who focus solely on that and prefer NOT to connect and communicate.  Whether you are an introvert or an extrovert is a key component on how you categorize yourself and how others do to.

There are always going to be those that know more.  There are always going to be those that aspire to learn.  Dont be close minded, open your thought process and realize that your competition has great ideas as well as millions more around the world.  What is best for your company and the future of everyone involved is key.  Pick and choose your battles wisely, don’t focus on every minute detail and remember: don’t take your position lightly.  This is NOT A SPRINT.  it’s a marathon.