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pinterestThe world of marketing is changing every day, and it’s important to know that Pinterest is a powerful tool. Numbers don’t lie, and I’m here to tell you that visual content gets 94% more engagement than content that is just text. Pinterest is literally a search engine derived solely of visuals and graphics. With that level of engagement through visuals, this is the perfect platform to help leverage your agency’s brand, just like we have here at Paradiso Insurance.

A Brief Introduction to Pinterest

If you’re not that familiar with Pinterest, pinterest2then
there’s no time like the present. With Pinterest, you can upload photos, or browse other people’s uploads, and share them with users in your network by doing a “pin.” When you pin a picture, your connections will see it in their newsfeed, and you can include hashtags to help with
SEO. For instance, I could upload a picture of a classic car that we insure and use #ClassicCarInsurance as a hashtag. But, I could do the same hashtag with a “re-pin” as well, where if someone else had uploaded a picture of a classic car, I could share it to my network for more visibility on my insurance plans.

Something to Consider

pinterest3So the million dollar question is, “What does Pinterest mean for your agency, brand, and online marketing strategy?” To me, this is a diversified audience that’s ready to buy. They’re already on their mobile devices, and a majority of them do their shopping online.
This is free ROI. You can re-pin ANY content that’s relevant to your agency, such as classic cars, homeowner’s insurance, renter’s insurance, business insurance, and more… the possibilities are endless!  Not only that, content can be organized into boards, which you can control, and make it easier for users to find you.  Here’s where the magic happens, when you pin or re-pin content, you can use the hashtags we discussed to make it easier to find, but then include a URL to your website that is relevant to the post. If you capture your brand and give this social network a few touches throughout the day, and you’ll be well on your way to success!

For an example, if I make a post about homeowner’s insurance with a beautiful picture of one of my client’s houses, I can use the hashtag #HomeownersInsurance and have a link to my website to the page on our site that talks about homeowner’s options for shopping insurance through our agency. Pinterest is a simple formula: capture your brand, then keep it consistent. It’s that simple, and you can get started today!