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Change can be a scary thing to some, but it can also have a positive and powerful impact on you and your insurance agency. This is especially true if your brand needs an update, or your insurance agency is looking for a new way to diversify itself.

In fact, we didn’t always follow the brand guidelines we currently have in place. Paradiso Insurance used to lack the current message we have today, but with the help of Agency Appeal and Agency Performance Partners we were able to create our visual presence in the insurance world.

Of course, a change like this doesn’t happen overnight, and there should be a reason for your insurance agency to rebrand, but it shouldn’t just be because other agencies are doing it either. Assessing your rebrand from a business and personal perspective is the best way to approach the idea of a rebrand.

From a business standpoint, it’s important to ask how this change will affect your agency and why you’re considering the idea at this current time. Is your environment changing? Your audience? Does your marketing strategy need an update to keep up with the current times? If so, make that the focus of the rebrand.

Additionally, persistent research will help your insurance agency achieve goals towards a rebrand. Discover what other agencies are doing and how their identity has had an impact on the insurance market. How are they standing out among the rest and what makes them stick out to you? Take inspiration to move out of your comfort zone and don’t be hesitant about a new face for your agency.

With a new brand also comes a new marketing strategy. A rebrand affects your insurance agency’s voice. Therefore, it’s important to question if this rebrand will positively or negatively affect content on your website and social media networks. Not to mention, print media such as signage, business cards, and flyers would have to be updated appropriately as well. If your new brand doesn’t reflect your brand’s values then you may have wasted time and money updating your presence. Make sure to put thought and care into each change you’re making.

On the other hand, your insurance agency wouldn’t function without a client base. Therefore, it’s important to make sure your brand can emotionally speak to your audience. It’s also important to note that different types of content will appeal to different demographics. Sharing media that is emotionally moving will gain attention, but if such media doesn’t correlate at all with the intended audience, your new brand will miss it’s target. Again, research is key. Don’t just chase after current trends and what other brands are doing. Research, implement, and plan. Content will need to speak to your new brand, not your old one.

To truly connect with your clients, it’s important tell a story. The core of any good brand has a story. Not only does this story connect to audiences on a personal level, but it creates a more memorable experience. Customers or prospective clients shouldn’t be left confused about your identity or message. Plus, a story will encourage engagement with your brand.

Additionally, if your insurance agency offers multiple products, customers should think of that when they interact with you. If they don’t, then rebranding with this in mind will help your marketing strategies in the long run. A big part of our brand here is our community of Stafford Springs. We’re a small agency in a small town; therefore, it’s important to support the idea of shopping small and local. We also make an effort to give back to the local residents through charities and involvement with the elementary schools.

Connecting with your community isn’t only good for your brand identity, it’s a good thing to do in general. It’s also a great way for potential clients to put a face to the name of your agency. Plus, when a customer associates a brand with a positive experience, you’ll most likely gain an edge over your competitors. There’s nothing better than positive word of mouth and referrals.

Overall, there’s a lot to take into consideration before a rebrand, and a good place to start is asking what exactly your brand is. If your insurance agency can’t define that, than neither can your customer base.