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Last week, Paradiso Presents had the honor of hosting a 3-day seminar to various Motorists Insurance Agencies.  Like any new experience, I had no idea what the personalities would be like, how the company would treat our social and digital marketing workshop but most importantly, how much acceptance we would receive.

Lets face it; social media marketing is still a new concept for many businesses around, let alone one of the oldest industries.  However, what happened over the next three days surprised and changed me more than words can say.  While I got the comment, “Kate you’re such a suck up” several times, I will say it again:  Motorists Insurance Group is a true leader in the industry.

The relationship between the carrier and the agency is nothing I have ever seen before.  Im not sure if it was the cafeteria that EVERYONE on EVERY floor eats at, or the first name, pat on the back approach, but I knew things were done very differently here.  Motorists doors and floors are open to their participating agencies, and at times, I was confused as to whether they were close friends or family members.

The agencies that attended our seminar were nothing short of engaged, vocal and passionate about their agencies and capacity.  Our enthusiasm for social media and digital marketing exploded in part because of their contagious attitude every single day.  Motorists was also directly hands-on with the entire seminar, being present day in and day out as well as joining the festivities each night.

Every business can learn a thing (or MORE) by a company like Motorists, including us.  Paradiso Presents is as hands on with our participants and doesn’t want the relationships built to end on the last day.  Now that the seminar is over, our work truly starts.  While we might not be under the same roof for three days, Paradiso Presents is prepared to keep in contact with the attending agencies as they move through their 6 month and 1 year goals.  It was hard to leave Ohio, but we hope to go back and continue our trek to bringing all agencies up-to-speed with todays technology and how we can successfully implement it into their future of growth.