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Once you and your agency decide that starting a social media marketing campaign is within the companies best interest for the new year, there is always that natural hesitation when first starting out.  Often times, we hear the same general comments:

  • “How often should we post?”
  • “What should we post?”

Good questions!  Whether you are an insurance agency or small business, the last thing you want to do is post something that you feel might be the wrong content or the matter of how often.  Entering the internet world can be just as nerve-racking as approving a marketing budget for radio and billboard ads and praying the results reflect on the price.  Here are some tips that we would suggest if you are just starting out.

Forward Your Office Philosophy Over

What Your Customers Appreciate About Your Agency now our agency exudes the “stop down or call us anytime” attitude.  It’s the old-fashioned way of doing business in some regards.  Many agencies are constantly finding ways to cut servicing time down including time spent with phone and walk-in servicing time.  In the same regard, the last thing you want is your customers and friends to feel that they cannot conduct business in the manner most comfortable to them.

When it comes to your online marketing strategy, this philosophy should carry over. If you have clients or potential clients asking questions or messaging you via Facebook, LinkedIn or any other internet avenue, you need to treat them the same way.  This includes getting back to them in a timely fashion, speaking to them in their terms but most importantly, treating them like they are your ONLY client at that very moment.  Listen, we are ALL consumers.  We love that feeling of being treated special.  How great does it feel when you walk into a business filled with other clients and your addressed by your first name? It feels wonderful to most of us…it makes us feel like there is a relationship outside of the business being conducted.

Understanding the NEW Client

The NEW client is one who feels just as comfortable asking questions online through social media, private messages or emails as they would if they walked in or picked up the phone.  Understanding the clients comfort level allows you to utilize social media and see its benefits when you have these opportunities to service via social media.  More and more of our society is choosing the less direct way of communication whether it be text, email or anything besides picking up the phone.  Its time to embrace this and accommodate to the clients.

Referrals Dont Require Postage Anymore

I actually had someone ask a question about a product on Facebook the other day with the comment “I actually prefer peer referrals so If you have feedback please let me know”.  This person made it know that this is important to the person to receive feedback from the peers they are connected to.  In reality, this is becoming more and more of a trend.

The reality is this: a peer-to-peer recommendation can become your best friend and biggest new lead generation tool if you operate your online marketing campaign the same way you run your business.  In the field of insurance, the exception, painless service along with an unbeatable policy with the best coverage for the consumer will not only make the client happy, they will also be your biggest fan and advocate….online….creating thousands of impressions for you, for free.


Social Media was not meant to be painful, it represents all the social, communicative avenues available online.  Just as your front door opens to your business, social media opens doors to millions of people.  Social Media is the highway that passes your company’s billboard; it’s the sidewalk in front of your agency. Social Media is taking your company and throwing it out to millions of people who may be just “passing by”.  Those people may end up stopping in and finding out more about your business!

So rather than asking the question, “What do i put out there”…ask yourself, “What do I want them to see when they arrive”.