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Most marketing articles discuss the strategies that agencies should implement in the social world, so I wanted to spend today giving my own marketing advice regarding this topic. Here are four social media content mistakes that every agency should avoid.

Mistake number one – Stop selling and pushing. Establishing a smart selling strategy without being too pushy is key to an agency’s success. It’s difficult to establish a smart selling strategy, and it’s even more difficult to ensure that it isn’t too overly complicated. One critical point agents must keep in mind though is how to avoid making your audience feel like they have walking wallets. Basically, what I mean is that agents can’t act like an overzealous and pushy car salesman. There is nothing more annoying than being pushed or shoved around in the social media arena!

Social media is supposed to be fun and interesting. It’s a great way of communicating with others; it’s not a way to shove your message or sales techniques into your audience’s face. Many people argue the fact that there may not be any other reason for your audience to seek out your brand or your agency’s brand except for your services and/or products that you may be selling. Now while I would agree with that concept in certain situations, in most cases we need to target the person who is looking for our product and reach them on a personal level. This leads to customer loyalty because at the end of the day, social media is all about the building relationships. So remember- stop being pushy and stop selling. Your content needs to be aligned with your agency’s brand identity.

Mistake number two- your agency cannot post content that doesn’t align with your agency’s brand. Agencies must stay on track with the branding of its identity. It is very important that your brand has a recognizable voice, but in order to do that you have to ensure that your voice stays consistent throughout your social media content. I would either ask yourself or the social media engineer inside your agency before you post your content. Ask your team how the post will help your agency’s brand and if your customers would understand your agencies brand identity through the post. Furthermore, if your post does not have a personal humorous side, make sure you keep it classy.

Mistake number three- not identifying or defining your agency’s brand throughout social avenues. Are you still using your agency’s brand throughout social media channels as a megaphone? If so, you have to stop and take a moment to look over your strategy and redefine your message. It has been shown that creating a positive ROI in social media marketing is achieved by clearly defining who your agency’s audience is before you start posting. While this sounds easy, it’s much more difficult than it sounds. Get help or find a social media consultant to help you understand and clearly define who your agency’s audience really is. Once you have identified the right audience, then provide them with content that is tailored to their interests. This will provide the spark your agency needs to start a conversation with your audience.

Mistake number four- not setting up a social media scheduling process. I am sure I don’t have to tell you that social media channels are by far the fastest and most efficient way to amplify your agency’s content. There is an extremely good chance that you are reading this in a post that I may have put on Twitter, Facebook, or Linkedin. The more you analyze this, the more you’ll see that behind every successful content marketing strategy there is a strong social media manager or management team behind it. Social media posts are composed and scheduled with the purpose of reaching the biggest audience at the optimal time. Without the ability to have a social media schedule, your brand’s social media accounts may look as if they have a lack of proper audience engagement. There are many scheduling tools out there, so make sure to research and find the right one that works for your social media team and implement a scheduling process strategy.

I hope you take the time to read these four mistakes and find a way to avoid them. Good luck Happy Marketing!