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1) What is one social media marketing tip you learned recently?

A) Knowing When To Walk Away is a MUST!

By taking time away from social media sites, your interactions online will begin to feel more real and natural. When you are ‘online’ too much, your tweets begin to look somewhat robotic unreal and artificial and its never good to look fake and robotic. If you are doing it right, successful social media takes work and work needs breaks. There are times you must step back, review your past work, and figure out what’s next.

B) The Art Of The Headline

When you learn how to write a good headline, you’ll know how to write a good tweet that gets your audience’s attention right away. The more people’s attention you get, the more your tweets and posts will get shared. Remember- quantity doesn’t work in the social world… what works is QUALITY of your work.

2) What social media network is neglected by social media marketers?

A) Google+, Pinterest, and LinkenIn are the three most neglected social avenues 

“Google+ is the main channel that I feel is underestimated by marketers. People I speak to feel that taking on one more channel would be “too much” for them.  I totally disagree- agencies cannot afford to neglect this powerful source. Especially with its interactive posts, communities, and how it aids SEO. So get on Google+ and work it. The second is Pinterest because it allows your agency to understand everything about your prospects with a simple 2 minute review of the boards of your prospects, plus it helps in the SEO of your agencies website if used properly. If you have an audience in LinkedIn than you have a professional audience which is great. This social avenue allows you great content gathering allows you into groups and allows your agency to market b2b.LinkedIn is the best b2b social site out there. Three amazing social avenues agencies NEED to get active on.

B)Slide-share and it has a role in your agency

Yes,  It’s not really a social network but, with content marketing on the rise and visual content marketing being even bigger, social media marketers cannot forget to include slide-share in their social media strategy. With over 60 million monthly visitors, slide-share is another avenue of distributing your agencies content. What we need to keep in mind is that social media is a distribution channel.

3) What is your biggest daily social media marketing challenge?

A) A balanced attack

My biggest daily challenge is balancing the numerous platforms, while making the connections face-to-face, while juggling my travel schedule. There are so many creative writers out there in the social world. You need to write often, and well to get people addicted to your content,but most importantly you need to have the visual content. Many marketers are great content writers but are totally missing the boat to attract an audience because of their lack of visual content. You have to be on the cutting edge and always inventing fresh, compelling and informative content. Your agency needs a social media engineer on staff and in house to accomplish this.

B)Time Management will always be a challenge

Social media has a lot of demand on your time. One of the hardest things is finding the time to manage your personal accounts. But, my trick is to squeeze time whenever you can, dribs and drabs, here and there. I find that there’s no need to have allotted time to do social media but to just do it when you can. Throughout the day I use my phone to effectively respond and engage to tweets or posts. Before meetings I’ll spend the 2 minutes before it to send out a tweet or post. But one thing to remember- if you want the biggest return on your investment you will hire and have a social media engineer in your agency and you will have a balance attack along with consistency because your audience wants it. Spend your time out there selling and bettering your business and hire the right people to manage your social strategy.

4) What social media marketing habit would you most want to fix?

A)Get Less Distracted By Analytics

Being addicted to social media feeds and measurement is a quick way to waste time. Try to get less fixated on the numbers and spend more time doing actual work. It helps to have a business plan and a strategy from the get go and lay out your goals, target audience and great reasonable targets to get you started. Without this type of plan of attack you will be simply throwing darts and hoping for an ROI, but HOPE is NOT a strategy.

B)Effective Scheduling can be effective 

Get social media scheduling done in advance, but do it with a planned strategy.  I get caught up in the day to day activities that I forget at times set time aside to plan and schedule my posts. So, managing my time on social media is a habit I want to fix most. The best way to fix this is to ensure I set time aside to effectively plan out my posts for each of my social media campaigns and initiatives.

5) What’s the first thing a new business owner should do when creating their social media marketing strategy?

A)Most importantly personalize Your Brand

The key is that you’re a real human being – be real and original. You have a point of view, be a real character, and have a personality. The latter is sharing details that are intimate or too specific to you to have relevance for the larger community you are trying to build. Exactly where that line is varies according to your own brand and that of your agency. But to give a broad example: It’s one thing to mention feeling under the weather—that’s personalized. It’s another to say you have an irritating rash in a sensitive spot. Remember how and to who you are communicating with.

B)Understand What You Want Out Of Social Media

Knowing what you want social media to do for you business is the first thing a new business owner or new agency to the social media world should do when creating their social media strategy. Do you want to: create awareness? Renew more policies?Generate new sales? Boost loyalty with you’re existing clients? Social must support business objectives. Always remember that the goal isn’t to be good at social media, it’s to be good at business because of social media.This sounds easy but without the right staff and the right strategy this is one of the biggest errors agencies are making.

C)Have A Social Media Strategy-I only repeated this 10 times but its because it’s SO important to your agencies social success

Have a plan,strategy and know what your goals are? If you don’t have a goal, you are just wasting time. Bad social media works like no social media, with bad social media its like not doing it all and in some cases agencies would be better off not doing anything at ALL. Have a plan and remember to go back and review it and make the changes.Change is GOOD

6) One last social media marketing tip?

A)Respond More Than You Interrupt

Go to social media the way you would go to a cocktail party. Listen to what people are talking about and respond to what’s happening and add value to it. Remember to not be rude, it’s the same as talking to people in person, and don’t do your sales pitch right off the bat. Building relationships is key to social media and Remember the most important aspect is to LISTEN.

B)Never Stop Learning Social Media ever changing

Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Even though you can learn a lot on your own, its good to find one or two people you trust and feel comfortable to ask questions. Learning from other professionals will help so you don’t learn the wrong thing, it will save you time in the long run. Last tip, find one or two people you admire on social media  and reach out to them to ask for advice. Last tip- get out of the industry and learn, I have been to many social media events and I always learn more.Invest your agency and attend events in the marketing arena.