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by Kate Pisciotta

Well, its here…and slowly we will start to see the transition of the new Facebook feed rear its head to each and every one of us who still incorporate Facebook into our every hour lives.  One common theme we are hearing is “Pictures”.  The new feed version is certainly going to cater to photos…After all, who doesn’t love so see photos!  Its going to be more user-friendly, with less clutter…even better.  When someone checks in at a certain location, the visual for that will be more map like.  Most importantly, the consumer will be able to pick and choose how they go through their content.

So the question stands: Will this hurt businesses?  Will this change the way businesses utilize Facebook for marketing.  If I had to guess, I would say: it could.  For many of you content marketers out there who have utilized photos for a intricate part of your content retention game plan, you should be in good shape.  But just as any good algorithm works, Facebook is constantly trying to offer the best user experience..and that means allowing the consumer to pick and choose what it looks at.

One thing is for certain: Although many people go and “Like” a businesses Facebook page…it doesnt necessarily mean that they are all that interested in it.  So businesses who one focused on quantity of likes and followers versus quality are going to be stampeded by the companies who are offering content that can interest even the hardest to entice.

Between this and the new Facebook search, I foresee that all of us Social Media Engineers out there are going to have to work extra hard to stay in the good graces of not only the social algorithms, but the fans that like us in the first place.