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You have to crawl before you walk, right?  Of course.  Like anything, you have to start slow and work towards another tier in whatever it may be.

One thing very noticeable to us here at Paradiso Presents is the abundance of information regarding marketing. Initially, it scares everyone who is in this field for the main reason being, “Where to start?”

Paradiso Presents is a company designed specifically for the Independent Insurance World looking to catch up with where many of our competitors have already set up shop.  In an industry as old as ours, the biggest challenge isn’t the smaller details, it’s the actual embrace of change.

Chris and the team at Paradiso Presents gear each and every seminar specifically towards the agencies that are beginning to explore the opportunity of online marketing to companies who are already on their way looking for new, innovative ideas.

When embracing this change, its critical for Insurance agencies to remember that although the change is occurring, the business practices and agency philosophy do NOT have to change, but rather play a key role in the outlook of your identity and brand on the world-wide web.

Understanding and grasping the new wave of marketing isn’t about reinventing the wheel.  It’s about taking your already amazing agency and showcasing it where your customers and future customers have now decided to go for the majority of their daily content and information: The Internet.

We have seminars every month as well as consultations.  Give our team a call now at (860) 684-5270 and Ask for Chris.