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Billboards, television commercials and magazine ads with funny context and mascots are saturating our mainstream media; leaving impressions on nearly everyone who comes across them.

The question for the independent agency is “Where do we belong?” and “How do we combat them?”  The answer has always been in front of your face.


Yes, your community.  For our agency, this was a simple idea.  Since Chris, myself and several employees reside in our community, we said, “why not give back to the same society that our children and families benefit from.”  That was how we started – a community website that is maintained by myself and the marketing staff at the agency, that provides the latest information to the public including press releases, photos of events, small business support and other information town locals would benefit from.

MyStaffordSprings is going on its second year and along with its Facebook and twitter presence in addition to the website, fans of the site know that Paradiso Insurance donates its time and efforts to give back to the town.  Its not a gimmick, its not a marketing tactic; its a genuine effort to have OUR independent insurance agency active in our community with the opportunity to serve and earn the business of those we care for most.

You have to find ways to entrench yourself in your community.  In the end, it will be YOUR community that is your cliental base…and with a connection as strong as you have built- loyalty and referrals will not be far behind. Our next seminar will show how to create your agencies identity and mission for your community. – Kate Pisciotta


Our next seminar date: January 30,2012